I sold my soul. Break pact with satan? Am I going to hell?. Is satan just a thought form?

Let me clear that up. I’m not saying what you say is wrong.

I feel you could agree that that is not all there is. Just because you experienced one thing does not mean there isn’t a lot more to the whole picture, right?

Yes I am aware of that.

I think I can speak for what Hell is with absolute certainty. I am not saying that Hell is the entirety of the afterlife. I know that not to be true. This is my life’s work. It’s what Necromancy is all about.

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Exactly!!! That’s what I was trying to get at.:slight_smile:

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@Ozraga The thesis of “Hell is a nice place for us” still remains true. There are far more afterlifes than that though. That I can agree with.


I can give you that, as I have never been.

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@Ozraga and I suppose I’ve only ever bothered to visit the nice sections except when working with the Qliphoth. I will have to explore the other parts further at some point.

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It is alwasy good to seek out the unknown. In my opinion that’s part of the fun.:grin:

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@Ozraga Yes. Agreed.

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Back to topic though.

It is best to rule things out before jumping to a conclusion. Process of elimination is your friend.

The advce to seek help for your schizophrenia is sound.

If you believe you have sold your soul and are unable to abandon that concept, I suggest you evoke the demon Varnaxis, a human (blood relative of mine) who through many lifetimes acquired power and then, in his final earthly incarnation, actually “sold his soul” as a child.

He is now ascended to demonic status, and will help you renegotiate the terms and attain a more favourable outcome:

Here’s a method of opening sigils to begin contact with him:


Thank yo Lady_eva . Some questions I have are how would I go about evoking this demon and what ways would I use to renegotiate The Selling of my soul.

Use the sigil method oin that loink I gave you to begin with, also, call on him and light a black candle, ideally, or red (NOT white, if you can’t get black or red don’t bother) and make a connection, first.

Do this a few times, explain you made the deal when you were unwell, and your mind was clouded, and that you wish to adjust it now that you’re better.

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I read the link you sent about sigils. Where is that sigil located, tho?. When I ask the demon questions will it listen and respond?.

If you cannot be bothered to read the link I posted then I can no longer be bothered to reply.

btw Can we place a curse on the curser btw? I know who it was . She’s a horrible person

Please make your next post an intro, I have sent you a PM regarding this, green icon, top right of page.

just did. Thanks for the reminder.

Sorry about that. Il read the other posts now

I never wanted a deal with satan. However sense I’m under these circumstance what around should I say?. That I flat out want, out or do I have to renegotiate it. If so What about should I say?.\

Also whats a good size for the sigil and and would a printed sigil work from a printer?

Hi there

I’m a beginner here but I suggest you read properly the links you where given. Take the time to do this properly, write down the changes you want made to the pact and think carefully this time what you want.

As for the sigil you need to draw it by hand as best you can with black ink, don’t worry about the size.

I’m still unsure myself on the entity Satan but why didn’t you go with Lucifer in the first place?

I’ve head nothing but good things