I sold my soul. Break pact with satan? Am I going to hell?. Is satan just a thought form?

Satan is just as real as all those other entities, he even has his own sigils including this one:

Satan ain’t “evil” at all… He’s a God a liberation, freedom, sexual freedom, intelligence (which incl. occult knowledge), responsibility, power and success, but He’s also big on self-preservation and self-defence.

I suggest you have a consultation w/ an experienced mage and psychic that could look into your case.


Are you sure or were you thinking lucifer? Because I’m starting to think they are not the same person

After what I went through , of course

I hope that entities are real but cant state that for a fact.

The chances are that “the witch” lodged some doggie program into your subconscious and it began playing. The more attention that you give you curse the more real it will become. Alternatively meditate on the moment that it began and things that it caused since, and try to track it back to it’s source (it’s with in you if its affecting you) and try to identify and delete it good luck.

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Umm seriously no. I say this because of religious dogma. And blah blah blah. Etc etc. I wont advertise dogma but i will say this. YOU ARE FINE

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@787400xps Welcome. Hell is a nice place. As long as you embrace it you will be well accepted.


Please speak to a qualified person on this topic, to the best of my knowledge their aren’t any mental health specialists on here.
The episodes you’re experiencing may be more related to that than anything super natural.

People here send curses and many have fought spiritual attacks, they don’t manifest in the same way your experiences have.

I’m not telling you that it’s not possible that what you think happened did in fact occur the way you perceived, I am stating that it’s highly improbable.

Please get help.


I was referring to Satan, as mentioned, not Lucifer.

Can we stay on topic?

@787400xps The answer is that Hell is a nice place so you shouldn’t be worried about it.

There are nice corners and bad corners. The first is for the eternally loyal. The second is for traitors.

how is hell an nice place?.

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@787400xps It’s where Demons live. Do you honestly think Satan doesn’t have better standards than a wasteland?


Well I couldn’t tell ya. I’m not a heaven or hell kind of guy. Afterlife yeah, but people saying they know for a fact this or that, I feel are talking out their ass.

Also I would see a medical professional first before jumping to the conclusion this is magick or paranormal related. Rule out all other possibilities first.

I’ve been there. You know that right?


There is substantial experiential evidence, across multiple practitioners, backing my claim. It’s not dogma. It’s what you hear from Demons and what you see when you go there. When both match up you have to seriously consider the Truth of it.

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Let me clear that up. I’m not saying what you say is wrong.

I feel you could agree that that is not all there is. Just because you experienced one thing does not mean there isn’t a lot more to the whole picture, right?

Yes I am aware of that.

I think I can speak for what Hell is with absolute certainty. I am not saying that Hell is the entirety of the afterlife. I know that not to be true. This is my life’s work. It’s what Necromancy is all about.

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