I smoke mugwort in the morning, I smoke mugwort at night

I heard this is bad for your liver (yeah, that’s just what I need), but it helps me with mysticism. I had a real breakthrough the other night when I figured out the power of gamma/theta sync.

What cheap, easily obtained herb does BALG like to use for its mysticism or whathaveyou?

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I used to be a heavy marijuana smoker for over a decade. I didn’t smoke it for spiritual purposes, I just wanted to get high as fuck really and besides that I wasn’t actively practicing back then for the most part. However, I can safely say that the herb does give one a temporary boost to psychic perception and it helps a lot with getting into tgs or “gnostic trance”.

I’ve stopped smoking marijuana for about a year now and honestly my abilities are much stronger now. I guess that’s related to the fact that I’ve put a lot of work into practicing, since I didn’t have my “crutch” anymore. My everyday life has also improved quite noticeably since then, but again I was abusing the herb, I wasn’t using it for spiritual purposes so I don’t know if that’s relating to your case.

Mind-altering substances have always been used and they can indeed help quite a lot. However, in my opinion, they shouldn’t be used on a daily basis, they should saved for special occasions. First and foremost, you’ll depend on the herb for your practice and you won’t be able to do the job without it and on top of that, all of these substances have limitations. Also, most likely, abuse of of substance brings unwanted side effects which can be quite nasty depending on the situation. So, I think it’s best that someone works actively and daily on developing the psychic senses without the use of substances and save the plants for special occasions.


I smoke mugwort in the afternoon, it makes me feel alright… I smoke mugwort in times of peace, and smoke in times of war. I smoke mugwort before I smoke mugwort, and then I smoke mugwort…

haha <3

I actually used to roll up some Damiana in a thin rolling paper and smoke that. I found it really lightened my spirits, and actually made me a bit frisky. I smoke ganja here and there, as well, and I find that to be a really powerful tool for myself, as long as I maintain control of the flow of my own thoughts, and not let anxiety take hold.


Brother what kind of effects does it do, but be careful the, P.I.Gs don’t find out that people are now smoking mugwort to get high, it seems when people find something else to get high it becomes a ban substance. On the news There’s been a report people are now giving up pot to smoke mugwort to avoid incarceration detectives are on a watch for the ilicite substance it courses supernatural hallucinations and its being ban by the state law it hasn’t happen it only takes one person to fuck it up for every one else, keep smoking it in modderation, keep well.


Smoking a joint of Wormwood is called having a Tasp. Does nothing for me.

Get Coltsfoot. Smoked or as a tea it’s a lung decongestant. Works more quickly if smoked. Gently, easy to smoke and very, very quick to decongest - like nothing else. Smells like cannabis.


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Hey hey hey heeeey…smoke mugwort every day.

I found mj gives you a big boost to you respective abilities, but if you want to stay legal (and get some real OOBE) I go with flying ointment. I have clearer visions with the ointment and the processing period is longer so there is not much of a chance of getting OD for me.


I used to smoke pot, but that was just for fun. Current job makes it unwise to risk smoking anymore. When it comes to the occult, I’ve used lsa/morning glory for mysticism.


How is the morning glory? I have heard horror stories about that high.

It’s like a real mild lsd trip. Every time I’ve done it, things start out with a golden aura and everything is hilarious. After about 20-30 mins you puke, but after that for r the next couple hours you feel connected to everything. I’ve always done it up in the mountains and i felt like there was no separation between nature and myself, we were one and the same. Where people mess up is the morning glory you buy from the store is chemically coated so if you ingest it you get sick as fuck. I’ve only used organic that I’ve bought online and never had any problems at all. I’m not telling you to ingest, as with everything in the world, use at your own risk :blush:


It’s a different kinda kick. It augments your mind in such a way . . . in one way, I could say it makes you disassociate a bit from immediate physical reality, like that spacey PTSD feeling, but it also seems to thin “the veil” so to speak. There are many plants that have profound affects that the piggies can only regulate in so many ways. You’d be amazed what just grows everywhere, and people never notice how much it can rock face. As for mugwort, I’m guessing it’s better for my liver than smoking wormwood, but one technique I employ to maximize its mystic qualities is to brew it with the sacred blue lotus in a tea. That puts on on an interesting threshold, and dreams are interesting to, if you walk into them just right.

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Oooo . . . what’s flying ointment, and where do I find it?

I’ve yet to try morning glory, and I’m glad you warned me about the chemical coating because I was about to go to the store this week to get some lol. I’d known before, but read it was some other strain that had to be boiled out of its pods, but now after hearing another caution, I’m keeping sharp about it.

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It’s a balm made from low levels of poisons, things like nightshade and belladonna.

I buy mine from Sarah Ann Lawless, not sure if I can post links but she has a great Trad. Witchcraft blog.

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Yeah, links to stuff that’s plainly not yours & people might like/be able to use is fine. :slight_smile:

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Everytime I see this topic title it plays in my head to a tune then I’m feeling furstrated at where the next 2 lines are.

This has been happening for SEVEN GODDAMNED HOURS NOW! :joy:


HEY IT JUST STARTED HAPPENING TO ME TOO !. Sort of like a little jingle :smile:


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There are other ways to use plants to induce altered states of consciousness or for magic in general.

Ever heard of the witch’s flying ointment?


I think I just did, but I would like to know more about it . . . maybe even how to make it. I like to brew my own little potions

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I would suggest reading Balkan Traditional Witchcraft, the section on ointments is especially helpful and it’s just a nice book overall. It’s about slavic witchcraft if you’re into that as well