I Signed Belial's Book

Hi All :slight_smile:

A while ago I was kinda haphazardly in a trance state calling on Belial after Azazel opened the void in me, I believe, and he showed me a book while I was there. The book didn’t have any words, however, the page on the left was white and the page on the left was black. I didn’t really hear any words I just had the impression that He wanted my signature inside of it for some reason.

So this being the impression I held my palm towards the book which initiated a scribbling noise in my imaginative hearing. After about 10 - 15 seconds of this it stop and when I went to look at the page there were symbols there I had completely no context for. Im currently under the impression my energy field signed this book.

Finally after this the book closed and vanished. The stark darkness I was floating in turned into lush/beautiful environment.

All of the gatekeepers that I have personally contacted me thus far all have shown me a book of some sort. Has anyone else had a similar experience?

Till Next time :slight_smile:

~ Kitty

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