I shoots I scores ! Abigor Eligos

I am giving massive Thanks to the most Excellant Abigor Eligos ! Gracious Thanks 10 Million squared Oh Great One !!!:smiling_imp:

Many years ago, when i was 18 and just landed at my duty station in the Federal Republic of Germany, i had the wonderful oppurtunity of having myself pulled into the Astral or Demonic realm,and meeting what was clearly a Demon and all of his hoardes. Regretfully i was a very prideful over confident Super Christian with a massive log on my shoulder against anyone or thing which was not “Of The Lord”.
if another king was to be crowned it would have been me as King of the Assholioes!!
As for his Conduct I could not have been greeted or treated with more respect and [what I felt but staunchley denied until afew years ago “Loving Familial Compassion”] i will skip the recounting of my attempt to wage combat until i collapsed with fatigue and barely had to ability to sputter out curses etc. but very truly were he to snuff me out right there- it was welled earned. But he didn’t, For the first time ever, i felt True Sorrow coming from another being -whether human or not- coming from him as he turned his hoarse around and walked off with the words; " if you do not learn and changed you will prove your own worst enemy ". Which I did not and his words were proven almost daily during my time in the army.
i was in my late forties when i was glancing through a book on the goetia and my eyes fell upon a Demon named Abigor; as I read his description i could not believe the wrenching guilt awefullness and himilayan stupidity which enwrapped me as he was so perfectly described as well as his hoarse–[actually all of the hoarses]. From then i was determined to make contact and repentance and amends no matter what. Well, after smashing away and working hard and never giving up, my Christmas Present which i value most was, not only did i achieve my goal, but when he gave me hints, i was sensitive enough to see them for what they were, and was able to finally work a small ritual, [it was all I could do with what little I had] and with my pendulum and King Belial and Lucifer by my side- finally was blessed with his Presence and communication and Pardon.
The day before as i was scurrying around the house getting ready for spending the holiday in missouri with some of my kids, as I walked down the hall i walked right into a smell that could only have come from someone lighting a handfull of wooden matches and after the flare up, blew them out, nothing visual but i was convinced somehow my box of matches had caught fire- i had left them on the bathroom sink, where I found them, not in the flames I would have bet any amount of money on. The smell lingered for some time, seemed to follow me.
The next day i had to run errands and so me and the dog jumped in the car and about a mile down the road, with the passenger window down so my Buddy could hang out, Smack! That smell again!!! wind blowing in the car, but it did not phase the smell; at that point i knew something was up and determined that night do do something anything to get to the bottom of it, i had to be getting a doorbell ring.
So after the wife went to bed, i put down my belial floor cloth made a makeshift altar from a box, some candles dragon blood incense, and I unscripted Evoked as best I could. once the room felt thick with spirit, and I knew I was in company, i began to work my pendulum, and my newly made board.
Skip to the meat, iI finally called Abigor Eligos, and strung their enns together as one. he made it very clear he was there, i even spun my board around with my eyes closed to see what the answers would be and make sure I was not just ‘talking to myself’, i think it is ok to check your work, even when it is obvious. Other than the fact I have been oout of practice abit and need to work more, Abigor was there and pardoned me, and there have been many a happy day since.
I have really truncated this but only because my psoriatic arthritis in my arm is not as happy as the rest of me.
but Thanks Abigor Eligos! and thanks to this forum and all the wise workers here who have encoouraged me .


Psoriatic arthritis - give president Marbas a call.

Orange or yellow candle if possible; amber or cedar incense; and his enn is renich tasa uberaca biasa icar Marbas.

Find his sigil, and when he comes to you FOLLOW HIS INSTRUCTIONS. If he says get up, get up, obviously don’t jump out of the window or kill someone but if he puts you on a diet, says stop this or that, try this or that - research it.

His power is greater than big Pharma.


On the agenda !!! Looking foreward to it!! Thanks

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Have been feeling a pull to contacting him soon. It’s not my first time at the evocation rodeo, but any advice on working with him?

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persistance, at least for me.