I say this with a heavy heart

Aboit 2014, i think, i started a thread to scan snd heal people for practice. I eas shocked to see how it took off and how much it grew.

Unfortunately…the other night i scanned a tarot reader. I did ask if she would allow me, she did…though the day after i got a bit of a disturbing comment.

Long text short. What i sm doing, according to her. Is not a reading. It is a type of energy exchange. Such a thing is far too personal. To such a degree she felt i violated her…

She was aware that it was not intentional. Bit it was irresponsible. Comsidering this, i have decided several things.

  1. I will be ginally rnding the thrrad by the end of the year and most likely not doing scans any longer.

  2. This was a form of practice and graduallybecame me teaching others. I no longer need to practice as i am compitant.

  3. Too many people are relying im me and not thier own practice. Too many are seeing me as a elevated being then as an equal. Its time you take a hold pf your own practice

  4. I need to move on to other forms of development snf notdo tje same thing over and over. Im gradually working on forms of tk as well as bio kinesis and progressing in my kundilini

That neing said i will see gocus on class and lessons as well as working on respucr and library building pn my discord

Thanks all yall

(Forgive my spelling errors. My phone is being stupid)


Are you sure it wasn’t just her and the way her energy happened to interact with yours?

Seems weird you’d have years of successful work with others, and one person throws you off and causes you to doubt yourself? And that person just happens to be a practioner :thinking:

How do you know this isn’t an attack from her, and she’s projecting and it’s actually her that’s being invasive? Have you checked for any new bindings or retaliation since she decided to be in fear about it?


:point_up::point_up::point_up: this…


dont misunderstand. i don’t feel any doubt what so ever.

i took this as a second sign that my training is complete and it is time to move forward

That’s fine, and I agree if people are using you as a crutch, it’s better for them for you not to do that.

For myself, I almost never do “scans”, I never started in on that for exactly the same reasons that you’re stopping now.
I feel it’s better for people to have the motivation of wanting one to learn how to read their own energy, and yes, it can feel a bit personal.

That’s normal, though: when you scan you are going to interact with someones energy bodies, that’s literally how it works. You are using your own energy bodies to touch their energy bodies and that’s how you get the information. It’s now reading energy in person works as well, and there’s nothing wrong with that. :+1: :woman_shrugging:

Choosing to stop doing readings because you’re personally just done with them for your own reasons, and stopping because someone scared you off them are two different things, though I can see why you’d find that ominous. It might not change your decisions as it was already made, and that’s all good… but I think this person’s words are showing inexperience and misunderstanding of how things work, and are therefore not good to make decisions on, if that’s what you’re doing.

All the same you freaked out a practitioner, as a basic rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to check they didn’t throw some kind of negativity your way, though lack of emotional control which is very common with mages that are not fully ascended.

Hence asking you if you’ve checked if you are bound, which I notice you have not answered, are you also bound from checking? :thinking:

i don’t think so. though she did admit she had a lot of past trauma she was working through. also the statement threw me off as it was like. she was cool with it and was impressed then the very next day felt offended and violanted

she didn’t scare me off though i do think it warrens a degree of responsibility to not just do things. its good to set your own standard

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Sounds like she’s having a sort of “buyers regret” as it were.

She decided after the fact, “oh shit …I’m not cool with that after all…”

It’s possible that you really touched on something she’s not comfortable with or still working through and is now having a very defensive reaction about it.


well she actually DID admit those things. so I figure this is factual. i have been working through things more and more as I work on the Draconian path