I saw the Qliphoth

Hello folks,

I want to tell you about an experience i had in Last nights ritual with the great Lord Uphir.

So i did my ritual as usual and evoked Uphir with the intention of healing my Ill Fiancè and her Mother as well. Everything was pretty normal at first and i communicated with lord Uphir, made an offering and started my desire for my Fiancè and her mother to heal when i suddenly felt the presence of malicious intruders behind me. Like an instinct i kinda stepped out of my body (i was Still mid ritual and my experience with Astral projection is super limited) and was able to kick the intruders out with a technique i learned in one of enochs books (The meditation of the Black flame which i used swiftly to simply push them away). So there i was mid ritual and the intruders were gone when i turned around, saw myselve sitting in Front of my mirror and in the mirror i saw Lord Uphir. I talked to him and was curious what would Happen if i would step in the mirror myselve which i then did and oh boy. There was alot of energy and it was like i stepped in a big void Where i was pulled. I was there in said void with uphir and infront of me was something i will never forget and that is impossible to describe using the human tongue. Huge, beautifull and intimidating it was and i asked uphir about it and He answered by showing my an Image of the Qliphoth how we portray it and i asked again to make sure i understood right that this was infact the tree of death. He said yes and invited me to visit him Where he lives and when i agreed i was pulled again towards a great sphere. When i tried to Touch The sphere i heard a scream and i still dont know if it was here or there. My Fiancè swears that she did not hear any scream. Said scream distracted me and i was shit back into my body. I finished my ritual und with uphir and thanked him for his help and the wisdom He shared with me (this was enlightening as hell).

Man i will never be the same again and this experience worked like an accelerator for my magic afterwards.


Sounds like a great experience, thanks for sharing. I’d like to eventually visit the Qlippoth through a pathworking when I’ve mastered astral projection and have a good feel for my energy body, still working on that at the moment.