I saw something in my chalice reflection

A little background: I own a steel (or silver) chalice which i sometimes like putting on my altar. sometimes when i come out of meditation i tend to glance at it, and usually I see nothing.

Tonight however, I did a ritual invoking Lucifer and right after I came back from his communion in a meditation, I glanced at my chalice (ironically not inder my influence) and saw a tall, black figure with long fingers/claws standing behind me. The energy prior to seeing this was fairly calm, so I’m thinking that was Lucifer standing behind me. I’m a bit frightened nonetheless, but hopefully it was just Lucifer appearing behind me checking up on what’s going on.

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Yeah, they can be frightening. It took me a bit to overcome my fear of seeing things. Part of it was I didn’t even know where or how they would show up. Sometimes I think they do that kind of thing to test you, see if you can take it.


You might be right. Normally I do encounter more frightening forms of certain beings, the thing is that it’s never materially there (Pazuzu for instance appears quite scary in most visions I got from him, but I’ve only seen him astrally/through said visions). I think the fact that Lucifer (or whoever payed a visit) actually appeared physically is what startled me more now that I think back on it, ha. But, if it is a test then hopefully the next time it happens I won’t jump.

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He might not have been there “physically,” so to speak. He might’ve just shown himself in the reflection. Doesn’t mean if you turned around you’d see him. At least, that’s my opinion. Not saying he wasn’t behind you, just that I don’t necessarily believe he had to be.