I saw her


I preformed a full evocation with Duchess Gremory…& I actually saw her & heard her…She was so beautiful…So amazing to be in the presence of…She had green eyes…long flowing black hair …Her skin was gray, very gray…but beautiful beyond belief…I got all of my questions answered & MORE!!

I never saw a demon before tonight…I’m still shaking!!

Best. Expierence. Ever.

I’m still in disbelief…

:heart::heart: Much love to you Duchess Gremory :heart::heart:


congratulations on your experience!!

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Thank you!! :grin::grin:


I rarely see anything. It’s so fucked. I know and appreciate that others can, but it’s not one of my gifts. I have others, just not the gift you have. I should secretly hate you, but I don’t. Wonderful experience for you. Hope you recorded it in your handwritten Magickal Journal - yeah, I’m old fashioned and have my reasons.




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Lol!! Love your comment!! Glad you don’t hate me too :joy::joy:

& I’m going too I just haven’t gotten a chance to just yet!!

I addressed her as Duchess Gremory when she was with me!!


Thank you!!:grin::grin:

how? in a dream?

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She manifested right before my eyes during the ritual as I had instructed her too!!


Of course!!

I used the ritual described in the book 72 Demons of Magick by Gordan Winterfield

I haven’t read that book in months, nor have I fully utilized a ritual from there written as is, in a long time…I re read Ritual 3 took down notes, & the preformed it after studying it once or twice…in the book however he says not to use notes at certian parts…but to be honest I did use my notes just to be safe & it didn’t mess anything up for me!!


So, what did you say specifically to her when you asked her to manifest?

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I sat at my alter with her sigil 3 incent holders all with Jasmine on them…2 red candles, her sigil, the infinite as described as in the book…I actually taped a black trash bag to the wall of my evocation room, to use as the ‘darkness’ or void that was needed for the ritual, to help draw out Duchess Gremory, & to help with astral travel!!


First I had to use a few words of power to shift my consciousness further, then another to help the spirits see me in the astral plane, then another to allow me to see them…I then was able to use her evocation keys 2 different times, used some names of god, & her angels…& then I called to her so she’d know me, & know I was calling her forth… Then finally I told her to take a comly form!!


This is amazing, congratulations! I’d love more detail on your evocation, and the moment she appeared. Like, did you use incense, smoke; in a circle or triangle? If you’re comfortable sharing, of course.

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Oops, sorry, you already answered this question. I just didn’t scroll thoroughly, lol

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What did you do to see her?

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Thank you!! I meditated right before…The way I preform rituals is by saging my ritual chamber first, then I set my alter up, then putting on meditation music, & meditating until I feel my consciousness alter, then I begin with casting my circle & go from there!! I keep the meditation music on though to help keep me focused on my Magick, keep me relaxed, & to help keep me in the altered state!! :grin::grin:


Thank you, & it’s okay!! I used 3 sticks of Jasmine, & 2 red taper candles on either side of her sigil!! If you have any questions please feel free to ask!! :blush::blush:

I preformed the 3rd ritual described in Gordon Winterfield’s 72 Demons of Magick!!