I saw bune today or I think

My friend asked for assistance on channeling bune and he was over at my house. I showed him and he requested that I stay for it so I quietly sat in the back ground. I soon fell into a deep state and I saw a very clear vision of bune in my room. She was looking at my friend and suddenly turned and faced me. Bune is a thin, three headed copper/bronze colored dragon. Her heads were snake shaped. She talks in a sharp whisper voice with a sharp S at the end of her words. It scared me at first but it was one of the craziest things I’ve ever seen. She looked at me and told me the answer to his question and I asked her to wait and I asked only one question. Everything about bune was insanely detailed and her voice was as chilling as a necromancer.


You therefore have talent


Thank you for sharing!

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…sounds intense! Thank you for sharing with us.

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That’s awesome!! I’ve worked with Bune a few times now, but haven’t seen her yet. I would like to though… I believe I may have, in my minds eye one time. A purple scaley skinned woman with big eyes and flowing black hair. Haven’t heard her voice yet, but had my right ear pop on 2 seperate occasions, and ended with what sounded like a womans voice.

The funny thing about all of it was I wasn’t trying to see, hear, or talk to her. I was just listening to the binaural beats my friend threw on and I just started to feel weird. Next thing ya know there she is.

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