I saw a weird dream about Lucifer

Hey Everyone I saw a Dream on 17th april night, that in a big room someone did evocation of lucifer i tried to peek but only i did see was red shadow of lucifer, one person ran inside that room like a maniac i told him to ask lucifer if he knows when my work will be completed i did with some demons, when he asked lucifer about my question , lucifer asked me who is that person , he pointed out me so lucifer came into my sight he was not muscular but red like burning with fire and 8,9 feet long with horns , he told me to come inside , i got there he told me u r asking about Aryosam ?? i told no i dint do any evocation with this demon, then he told me some words to say in the morning and in night like 'macho in macho out ’
and ur results will come , and i saw some guy there eating shit n iwas thinking lucifer will be doing his work and in return he has to eat shit. and that was it.
i know weird dream , i never worked with lucifer nor i am gonna do , i just did some works with demon of ars goetia and was waiting for results, can someone tell me what is the meaning of this dream except i am waiting for result…

im doubtful if this is actually Lucifer you encountered


I agree this doesn’t resonate. Maybe it has some symbolic value of yourself but I would consider this a prophetic dream in anyway. You can discern which symbols are a reflection of yourself.

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Also do you consider yourself to be afraid of Lucifer at least subconsciously? It’s okay if you are everyone is at a different place on their journey so certainly it’s okay to be.

doesnt sound prophetic, sounds like hes being messed with

I don’t think so. Dreams come in all forms and information gets muddled and distorted. Sometimes it’s better not to take all of your dreams very seriously. Just because some dreams are a bit all over the place doesn’t mean that there is always an entity behind that. I don’t think it’s a good idea to think that way, but yes sometimes this is the case and things like this do happen. :thinking:

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could be, the one thing i am doubtful of is if that was actually Lucifer, especially since OP never worked with him



I agree that it doesn’t sound like Lucifer. I may be wrong, I may not be. But it just sounds like a random dream from maybe things you’ve seen, or heard. Not necessarily on here, the brain is a funny thing and will keep hold of things without you knowing


i think this was just a dream ,not like lucifer trying to give me a message.

in dream i was afraid but in reality i am not.

i admit this was just a random dream, but in my life 1st time i saw lucifer in dreams , i am a hindu and i dint knw nethn about demons, 1st time i listened about lucifer in constantine movie thats it, in feb i read some info about demons and angels and read 1st book demons of magick than did a ritual…

so you were influenced by pop culture when it came to seeking Lucifer?

You literally just said you “know nothing about demons”. How did you know it was Lucifer then?


i dint have any image of lucifer but in dream somehow it was known to me that this is lucifer.

That doesn’t play a role here, Lucifer is known to take many forms. I’ve seen two different forms already and I refuse to believe there won’t be more for me.

How? (Just trying to understand)

what has pop culture to do with this??i just felt its lucifer and i know it was a dream not a special dream where he is trying to contact me. you all guys are much more experienced than me so i thought about posting my dream and may be some1 can tell me those words he told me…

it could be any demon but lucifer came to my mind in my dream , not like i woke up and then decided it was lucifer.

thats what i meant

Not saying you did, but like I said, I’m just trying to understand how you got to the point “DAMN. Well that’s Lucifer, hands down”. And ,possibly, I may not be wording my questions correctly. So I’ll be more specific.

Did you feel the energy and his name came to mind immediately?
Did you wake up with his name on your mind?
Did any synchronicity happen when you woke up that pointed fingers at Lucifer?

And , back to the topic. You want an explanation to your dream. Please refer to this thread with the same story.