I recived a great vision of a great ritual,The Lord of Maya

The lord of maya
the god,the creator and the destroyer of maya

what the ritual will do is,that i will destroy this reality and make it into my own
i willl destroy karma and many other unserving shit,to create my own with my own laws

the visions
there would be
many great selfs,timeless,godself and highher

i see my self as shive meditating in the black nothingnss i see himdoing a mudra snakes are coling around him in vast of nothingnesss becomes the infernal empire,it burns him he becoms the infernal one,going to maya this world i see me in there,my 3 eye and crown brings powerful lights and destroying everything,presend,past and futare,nothing exist everything exist ,i will create the world in my own image,no past,no future only presend,future is a continuation of present moments,you will choose it,so i will create this reality
as this,now will be burned in the fires of infernal and be disolved in spiritual darkness
i see azazel and ant’harratu saying

welcome lord of maya