I really need help

Hey ! I was riding in the car with my father and I was thinking about losing weight and stress. I remembered that stress can influence it and I said that I will not stress over small things . After maybe a one minute maximum , I felt someone comy rolling my left hand and wanting to slap me with it in the face and doing with my face something like angry mouth shaking like from the movie. I was really scared. When I got home , I get to Wc and it started doing the same . Also , when I was going , it tickled my tight like , Hii I am there “ . After that I eated in a shock and get to my room. It seemed like he is scared because of something ( I have someone with me but I am not sure if he is who it said it was ). I lied in the bed and it tried to do that agen , to slap and choke me second time . I was really scared and used a pendulum and it said that through it was a demon . I am not sure because my senses are not open . It said that it can help me . After that it didn’t happened. I am really scared. What it was and what was it trying to do . I am a 16 years old girl ! Also how to know if it really was said demon on the pendulum ? Thanks in advance and please help !

Do a banishing ritual.

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Thank you . I really want to do it but I can’t because of my parents . I was doing before something with visualizing black flame in you and later around you creating a circle . Can it be helpful too ? Also , do you know any banishing that doesn’t recurres some plants or something?

You don’t really need anything for a banishing ritual than yourself. Everything else can be visualized


Thank you ! Can you give me please a good banishing ritual ?

You need to find one that resonates with you. I use Jason Miller’s from his book Protection and Reversal Magic. I haven’t used any others. Use the search function and pick one you feel comfortable with.

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Thank you ! I will first try one that I used before .

Thank you , especially for the spirit . I was thinking , but wasn’t sure if I sensed his energy or what , but I was thinking that he could be strong and first he didn’t wanted to tell me his name ( none of the entities I talked with wanted to said their names and i don’t know why , many of them vere sexual and said that they were demons ). When I asked randomly was he Asmodeus he said yes and before that said that he is a demon . I don’t know how to get his name .

You gotta be careful most of all the cool spirits will give you there name if you can here them so you can make a connection, when ever you try to contact Asmodeus try to get help to evoke him since your not automattically summoning the bad spirit. They probably are demons just not ones you want to interact with. Sorry you went through this hopefully it’ll end soon, doing the protection ritual that I linked should help with preventing the spirits from wanting to mess with you. Just find the way the angels names are written in Hebrew and scan the Hebrew from right to left saying there name in English it connects dots in you and makes contacting them easier they here out easier as in.
Do the protection at least three days Ina row to get the effect to kick in more the more you get aquainted with feeling there energy while there a stat and when they enter you the stronger there protection should be but they can always just handle it even if you didn’t do the ritual all that great but at least tried.

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My bad forgot to quote where it was from.

Asmodeus’ energy is very strong. You will know when he’s there. He would also be very up front about who he is and would certainly not be scared of anything. Do a nice banishing ritual and cleanse yourself a lot. Best of luck. <3