I REALLY need help please

For my whole life I KNEW something else exsisted. I just felt in my bones that I belonged there instead of here. My whole life has been a mess. I am obbsessed with destruction. Ever since I was little i’ve been destroying everything. When it comes to the supernatural I just FEEL like I belong there. With the monsters and demons. I really need a explainion PLEASE!!! I’ve tried summoning demons, angels, Lucifer, God and other gods. I’ve tried SO much and nothing has worked. I’ve tried to get my past memories but nothing…I FEEL magick in my bones. I just know i’m something else. I can’t describe it. Someone PLEASE help me with this. I also fell into a INTENSE and DEEP depression. I saw spirits as a kid and also had visions. I also feel like two completely different people in one body. I feel like I’m something different. Can someone please help me understand this. (if anyone wants anymore info just ask)

That’s not anarchy, mate. You should read Bakunin’s works.

Funny, quite a lot of people around here does.

Anyway, I don’t think I even get what do you want us to explain to you.

Sorry I was just panicked I put anarchy sorry. And I don’t know Basically just wanted to know if that’s normal and all

It’s normal I’ve always felt this way too. But I found out that I had a reason behind it. But no one can help you find that besides yourself. You can have others confirm. But you have to find those answers yourself.

Lucifer came to me as a kid and got really scared and never saw him again. But I feel him. And sometimes he’ll show up in my dreams.

You’re energy feels very chaotic. Very all over. It feels as if you need to ground yourself. You need relax yourself. And let it come to you. It’s as if you are forcing things to happen instead of watching things happen.

Take a step back. Relax. And let things come to you.
These feelings are normal. Many people feel this way. You just gotta find the cause for yourself

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Thank you so much. I will take this advice to heart

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