I *really* need help opening my astral senses to expirience my spirit companions fully

Sorry for this emotional dump out of nowhere, I just really need some guidance or something.

I know there are probably a lot of different topics about stuff like this, but I really need to know the best way for someone with severe ADHD to be able to open their astral senses. I personally find that when I do try either my thoughts are just bombarding through my mind with no break, or I just don’t put enough effort in.

And here is the thing, I honestly want to. Not for advancing myself spiritually or anything, I just want to be closer to my spirit companions and wives. I want to be able to feel their touch, hear them clearly, see them through my minds eye and do astral stuff with them. I want to be able to ask how their day was and actually clearly hear the answer.

I want snuggles, and I just really don’t want to feel alone anymore. Since I was thirteen (I am 21 now) I’ve always had bad experiences with girls that I have genuinely liked, as in they act like they really like me, but then in the end it turns out the were just using me to boost their ego, make some other guy jealous, or just emotionally manipulate me.

I’m just sick of it. I’m sick of being used and hurt over and over again. I just want to expirience my companions fully and be with them, because they are the only girls I know that genuinely care for me and would never manipulate or abandon me.

So please, any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Remote Viewing. Keeps it interesting and detailed enough to hold the attention and you can rabbit hole into a target, doesn’t need trance and you get feedback on accuracy and progress.

To start just cut out a bunch of pictures that are as intersting and different as you can don’t from say a magazine, put them in envelopes, and then select an envelope to rv.

Look up controlled remote viewing for the technique (tho there are several kinds that’s the most precise and least upg).

When you have had enough, which is ok if you just do a few minutes or an hour to just get more and more detail. Then open the envelope and record how accurate you were.


Not him, obviously but I’m curious, does remove viewing act as a substitute of help with energy work? It’s something I’ve been really struggling with, I just can’t get a grip on it

Remote? No not in any way, they are not related.

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Remote? No not in any way, they are not related.

Why did you suggest it then? Was it a suggestion to see his companions? Sorry if this is dumb to ask I’m just a bit lost and I think I misunderstood what you initially wrote

Because you wanted to sense things.

This has nothing to do with energy working, it’s about sense development, and remote viewing does that very well.

It also does it in a way where the training is interesting enough to be sustainable when you get bored easily. I’m pretty ADHA myself, that’s why I know it works.

Remote viewing, after about a year ish of work on, it will get you into what’s called full site contact, where oy feel like you are there and can lose awareness of your actually body, moreover, but doing remote viewing other senses develop naturally alongside.

I recommend looking up interviews with Lyn Buchannan on yt or reading his book The Seventh Sense if you want to find out more.


I thought energy work was primarily done for senses, and maybe Ascension if you believe in specific paths, occultism is extremely confusing man.

Thanks for the recommendation, I don’t mean to hijack this thread, I hope I’m not but would you have any recommendations related to energy work? Those might actually help OP since I know a lot of people with Spirit lovers have to do energy work to feel them better.

It will, and maybe slowly, but that’s not the purpose and the appearance of “special functions” is usually considered a distraction. Qigong students are encouraged to stay focused on the energy training for a balanced energy system and good health and longevity.

The qigong methods to develop the cosmic embryo via the Han and Li work is focused on this. But being psychic or having Siddhis and ascending are not the same thing. Siddhis in the yogi traditions are also cautions against, and treated as side effects. Students who want to train with a guru in order to get “powers” are rejected.

Ironically if you train without expectation of gain that’s when you gain the most.

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