I really miss Sallos

I couldn’t reach him this year…Do you know where he is??

on vacation?


maybe…I have to talk to him again…last year we worked together…he did everything for me…I did everything for him…

Down the pub? Camping? Taking a good long bath?

You would get better quality replies if you had titled this as something like “I cannot evoke Sallos, is anyone else able to get contact?” - some of us find that, periodically, spirits are harder to contact or will appear then state they are focused elsewhere.

This is the opposite to when a spirit manifests spontaneously, or you start hearing its name in your mind. they are either living beings with distinct agendas, and vast though still somewhat limited ability to be conscious in many places at once, or, for those who believe they’re all part of the subconscious, they still increase and decrease their presence in our awareness sometimes.

And before anyone bothers with “Nyah, I do 100% physical evocations where the spirit pops up as commanded and they’re so solid they put up shelves and bring me a beer after.” Yeah, sure. :roll_eyes:


Sometimes they actually do just fuck off for a time. Not much you can do except try again later or at least ask them to send someone in their stead


I can change my name to sallos. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yeah, I’m still trying to figure out how that works, I mean, they have legions right? Can they be in more than one place at once, or is there only so many places they can “be”? How does that work exactly? I often feel when I work with these beings that I am seeing yet another side that most people don’t see, that I am exploring into unknown territory. It is both exhilarating and frightening that I can no longer just dismiss it as “mere figments of my imagination cause I didn’t get enough sleep.” something that used to seem comforting, yet at the same time very limiting because I felt stuck with the way I felt I understood how the world worked.


I feel you OP. Just be patient, they do come by again when you least expect. Sometimes they don’t contact you directly but someone around you will describe to you things you’d recognize to be coming from the demon.


I read all E. A. Koetting’s books. I know what to do but this time I can’t feel him or other demons.

I have a question. I have losing my gf. She is my ex now. We never had a fight she said i was her dream boy i was her love. She loves me a lot she care about me. But she diddnt feel love.

I want to summon sallos ( and i try it in different ways but than i feel a conection and tos a coint head or tale. Maybe of was luck or maybe not but the coint told me to let her fall in love with me. So now thinks got worse she deleted me on sociale media when i did nothing wrong. I only post a picture of my self that i lose weight.

I want to summon sallos but i want to do it right. Can is speak in my own language? And what must i say to summon him. Do i need to draw his sigil? Or can i print one from the internet? Do i also need a pentagram. And hoe many candels. I listing his chant all day the medidate one. Sarena alora sallos akan.

So can jou help me with. How many candels what i must say what i must do to summon him wich time i need to do this and so go one. And i and as sacerifice a beer of Heineken

Dude, you have made this same post three times. Word of advice, don’t keep making duplicate posts. They will be deleted.


Sure.I know everything about him.I can help you.He did everything for me and left.Our pact was over.

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