I really hate how I look now. I need to use magick to restore my looks

Last year I really liked how i looked, and i loved how i looked my whole life until about late last year when ageing or something took a toll on my face. My jaw got significantly wider, and my face got really shorter. I really miss my narrow jaw and long face. I loved the elegance of the look. Now, i am fairly experienced when it comes to invoking the presence of spirits, whether they are Angels or demons or God-forms. Here is where I need the advice of you fellow practitioners of the mystical arts. Please tell me who I can summon forth to help me? i know how to do the invocation and petition, I just need to know any demon or angel or godform who can help me in changing my looks and restoring me to my former glory so that i regain my confidence. I desire to have actual physical changes made to my face to restore the look i had. I do not desire to be under an illusion where i only see what i want. Please drop some names in this thread. Any name of any demon or angel or godform would be huge help, as i can start researching the entity and developing a working relationship with that entity. Your valued assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance.

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You need to work on your Shadow honey. Who gives a fuck how you see yourself, you need to look past your superficial skin and see that amazing- powerful self. When you raise your head and realize how amazing you are - your magnet will be electrified and get ready for the attention.

Now if you must utilize that magic wand it has a circle and a handle, click there and you will have a blank request bar… enter in those words you wish to search… hit enter and let the floodgates of knowledge hit you.

Ps i have let my looks go as a joke and i get more advances then ever. Who knew old hags get hit on?


I think most Magi are more focused on the spiritual vs the physical. I’m sure maybe some spirits could assist, but not sure who.

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I did not see any toting a makeup bag. And some of the sexiest people are sexy because of their energy


Also, be careful about asking for changes to your physical appearance. You may end up in some kind of accident which requires reconstructive surgery…

Hathor can probably assist here, she is closely connected to beauty, personal joy and sexual attraction, and Azazel may be able to assist you in using cosmetics, he is historically assicoated with teaching these arts.

A Venus talisman (research Israel Regardie’s book How to Make and Use Talismans) may be helpful with glamour magick, to project a more attractive energy and assist you in rebuilding lost confidence.

Facial exercises may be able to plump muscles higher in your face and rebalance your proportions. There is an older discussion about this which may be helpful here:


Get Franz Bardon’s 2nd book and there are 360 spirits listed in it so spend some time reading.
All best🙋
P.S. I don’t feel like handling spirits names on a silver plate for you because I’m good in heart :wink:


If you started chewing a lot of gum that could be why your jawline got wider. Happens to me too! Makes my head look boxy.

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A venusian spirit can help you with this I’m sure.

I’ve heard of someone working with a venusian spirit for a bit (think it was Anael) and even without asking for it, their hair started loosing it’s grey color and started going back to it’s younger color.

I also second Bardon’s grimoire. There are many spirits in there that either keep you young or make you appear young :slight_smile:

Also Robert Balthazar’s Active Dreaming book can help reprogram your body as you like :wink:


What I’m sensing is, it’s a lesson. Persevere and find your inner beauty.

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