I ran into the dark and I don't know what to think

I journeyed to the middle world. I asked Hist to take me to the darkness I had to run into.

I went through the floor, away from the tree. Almost like no-clipping. We werent in the lower world, I think,

We kept going, thin pillars of rock going up for miles, we skated along the top as we defied gravity, flying or grappling(?) on the tops of pillars. Suddenly, we stopped midair. Hist looked down and we saw a pool of pure opaque darkness. I dove in and it almost felt like the time I merged with my light.

Only difference is, it was a place. Hist called this place my home. He also called it “The Abyss”. Shadow versions of me circles me threateningly. The chase was on. Straight rainbow paths (multiple) illuminates the paths of the specters. I chased one down and held it. Hist just told me to hold it down. It eventually collapsed into a weird dark ball and floated off. We skated faster, going to each individual path and taking them all out. We then flew threw the darkness ourselves. I saw images pass by me, objects floating and being illuminated by light from heavenly above. A shield, golden, with a blue centerpiece. A golden banner with the same blue design. Other similar trinkets. We sped fast, and I was told to ignore them.

We reached a giant heart. Human heart. A little purpleish. It was pumping out the darkness through the tubes. He told me to kill it. I pulled out a fucking gun (cause I guess I can do that) and shot it. It dropped into two halves. A small bee came out, and I shot that too with what I can only describe as a homing bullet.

I was told to get inside of the heart pieces. I did, encased myself. I felt the coolness of the void as it pumped darkness through. I was asked if I was afraid of it. I said no. I was asked if I could handle it. I said yet. It shrunk. Through me. into my chest. On the right side of my body.

My left heart creates life, my right, death. Or cold. Something. But it’s painful. Only mildly.

@Lady_Eva , what did I do?

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Headache, chest pain. He told me my body was rejecting it but it had to get used to it.

getting easier to handle

Lots and lots of classic journeying. :+1:

All these things you see are energy, taking various symbolic forms, and you are interacting with that guided by your spirit animal.

You’re doing great: keep going. :smiley:


Woah! I have no idea about that im just new here but where do you live? Im so amazed how did travel? Did you did it using a ritual or you travel to your mind using a demon? Etc?


I have to run into the rain??

Jesus fuck this is getting redundant. Any idea what THIS could mean?

Btw, totally on board with it, but now I’m half sure I’ll be doing this for every element.

Marbas DID say he ruled the land of rain and flame

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NEither. IT’s a shamanic practice.

Aka, my own power. But I’m getting help! Not from demons or angels (though I suppose King Paimon and Marbas did me some good solids), but spirits.

It means you have to run into the rain. :smiley:

Could be elements, could be cleansing, could be something else.

You’re interacting with spirits and they seem to be taking you on a process of initiation, many on here would give their eye teeth for that kind of ability.


Odin be like

I’m not offended, just remember what the tutorial says: early stuff is sometimes highly significant.

I think you’d have better time taking notes and jotting down your experiences if you created a journal thread, so you can keep things of similar happenings and progress contained within that thread.

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I have one. I’ll transport this all there.