I promised one offer… is it ok to change my mind and offer something else?

Hahahaha maybe he liked the coffee and chocolate better.

What you say about the value systems is interesting, and I’ve tried to convince myself of that before writing the post. But the point is, something inside of me was making me feel a bit bad with myself and maybe that’s the point. Maybe is not so much the promising one thing and offering another (Belial didn’t complain :sweat_smile:) but the feeling of I’m cheating this spirit. If I feel it, maybe it will be? Don’t know if I make sense.

You didn’t intend to cheat on Belial and so nothing happened… so the thing promised was not that important. But I’m thinking now… if my petition wouldn’t have come to pass and I would be desperate to get it… would I be willing to give right away what I promised? Yeah, probably I would. What makes me think I should keep my word, as much as it cost to me.

Oh btw, I assumed that the request was fulfilled as many things that happened point to that. Makes total sense to think that what I asked for is what happened. But… no one told me: This happened. Not sure if I should ask for a total confirmation before giving the offer…