I probably shouldn't make this but

I am very tempted to make an entity based on this


The reason why? I have no reason other then it would totally troll alot of people if this turned out to be real. And make no mistake, I could pull it off if I really wanted to.

But yeah creating a new hell just to troll people probably isn’t something I want to do as someone who at least tries to use magic responsibly, but damn is it tempting, I should probably just stick to making a real version of the flying spagetti monster for now…that is unless I can think of a good reason why I should make Rokos Basilisk…if I do then…

Egregores created for a purpose then not used fully for that purpose MAY defect (no pun intended) from their owner, partially or completely, and seek out the nearest force or being available that has some commonality with their created purpose.

In the case of this one, that would be the jealous avenging god of the J/C paradigm, or maybe even Allah. In which case people you may not like may actually draw power from your egregore.

Be careful with that.

Has nothing on Ponies. Don’t trip.

Considering the pony I made, you might be right.

The experimentalist in me would say, just do it. It’s not like you are not able to resolve any complications.