I prayed the rosary...and there were interesting consequences

At one point in time, I was quite regular in praying the Dominican rosary. I found it to be very powerful and effective in most cases (although not in all). For this, I attribute significant power to the Blessed Virgin Mary. I haven’t prayed the rosary in a while, and decided to do so on a lark a few nights ago. After I finished, I began hearing hissing and whispering in my room. I kept getting up to see if someone was there, but there wasn’t. The next day, when grocery shopping, things kept falling around me. Not on me, mind you, just from the shelf on to the floor.

I am wondering if some demon got upset. I work with Hecate, Lucifer, Paymon, Purson, and Bime mainly.


There was a conversation about this sort of thing last week, in the context of calling multiple entities for the same purpose, and people generally thought that the big guys aren’t weird or jealous like that. So I wouldn’t think it was the people you named, but I’d look for something lesser around you that would be that petty… And probably banish it, since it sounds annoying.


Some little lower dimensional entities. Nothing to worry about. Run em off with a good old fashioned banishing.


I have a question… Do you consider yourself to be a Roman Catholic? Do you believe in the actual words of the rosary? (Hail Mary, Our Father, etc.) I mean, I’d advise you to take a good look at those actual words you were reciting and their meaning.

Do you actually believe in the story of Mary and Jesus, Saviour of humankind? (Seems like a copy of Isis and Horus to me.) Do you actually consider a sinner that needs to be saved by the biblical Jesus? Do you believe in that Abrahamic god whom you call “Father”? Do you believe you actually need to do his will?

If not, why would you even pray the rosary? Here’s a topic of interest:

I’m not saying anything Abrahamic or Angelic is intrinsically bad… (After all, some Angels reportedly predate Abrahamism, and Abrahamism is based on earlier religions and myths, actual spiritual truths.) I’d just be wary and know what I’m doing and why.


Anyone who says this are ignorant of either one or both of the myths about Jesus and Horus, or are blatantly spreading false information to push an agenda.

The only real similarities between Jesus and Horus is they’re both sons of gods, after that all similarities end.


I’ll… just leave this here.


Please… There are at least 46 similarities. PROOF:

@Lotusarcane @Demeter @Lady_Eva @charles9 @AdamThoth @TheStorm


I’ve read all of those before already.

They’re not the same.


Having gone through the 46 similarities listed in the document above, I’d hardly call those a mere coincidence. I wouldn’t say they are “the same” neither, but the plagiarism is obvious. That’s my take, and you may all agree or disagree. I also believe other stories inspired the myth of Jesus, though that of Horus is the most blatant one.


There’s similarities between ebony wood and stone , but you wouldn’t consider them the same would you?

Especially if some of the “similarities” between the two were made up by people who don’t know much about either wood or stone.


Once again, they may not be the same, but the plagiarism is obvious. Here’s the Zeitgeist movie that was supposedly debunked in the video you’ve posted.

I would not go as far as insult the intelligence of those who made the Horus-Jesus connection. Obviously, they must have done their research. I’m a former practising Catholic, so I was schooled about Jesus early on.

That said, whether or not the link is accurate (I believe it is), one can’t deny all the contradictions found in the New Testament: http://tinyurl.com/BibleKoranContradictions.


I start work in five minutes, so I’ll cone back to your list during my break. I’m confident that most of it is pure fabrication that an in depth Google search could prove wrong, but I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt.


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History disagrees with Zeitgeist.

Here’s a small run down of Zeitgeist claims one by one in 4 min chunks.

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I read the list by this Tom Harpur and i’ve read a lot of Egyptian mythology and nothing i’ve ever seen about Horus corresponds with it, and i mean the specifics of it not some vague maybe, nowhere in it does it say Horus was “baptized” or had twelve disciples or was ever crucified it’s just not there.

People can believe whatever they want i don’t care but this is no different then some taking zecharia sitchin word that Anunnaki means “those from heaven to earth came” over the Sumerians and Akkadians themselves who say it means Sons of Anu. :man_shrugging:


@ExTenebrisVictoria do you banish after rituals? Or it might be a good idea to evoke in different places so any lingering energy don’t get into conflict.


Are you denying all 46 parallels? These, for instance:

“I am Horus in glory…I am the Lord of
Light…I am the victorious one…I am
the heir of endless time…I, even I, am
he that knoweth the paths of heaven.”
12. “The Ritual: The Egyptian Book of the Dead.”

“I am Horus, the Prince of Eternity.”
“I am Horus who stepeth onward
through eternity…Eternity and
everlastingness is my name.”
“I am the possessor of bread in Anu. I
have bread in heaven with Ra.”

“I am the light of the world…I
am the way, the truth and the
“Before Abraham was, I am”
“Jesus Christ, the same
yesterday, and today and
“I am the living bread that
came down from heaven.”
(From the Gospel of John)

“I have given bread to the hungry man and
water to the thirsty man and clothing to the
naked person and a boat to the shipwrecked
11. Ibid, Page 74. From the confession that humans made in the presence of Horus at the Hall of Maat – the place of judgment for all.

“For I was an hungred, and ye gave
me meat: I was thirsty, and ye gave
me drink: I was a stranger, and ye
took me in: Naked, and ye clothed
me…” Matthew 25:35-36 (KJV).

Horus raised Osirus, his dead father, from
the grave.
10. Ibid, Pages 128 to 136

Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave.


What are the sources you are quoting for horus ?

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  1. Horus was not born of a Virgin, He was born of Isis and Osiris in the natural manner. There’s even a whole preliminary story where Set kills Osiris and cuts up his body and Isis has to put it back together, but she can’t find his penis so she had to create one. So yeah, Horus, definitely not born of a virgin.

  2. This is generally correct. There are some myths where Osiris is also the father of Anubis, but it’s disputed.

  3. Wrong, Horus’ mother was Isis, not Meri.

  4. Wrong Horus’’ father was Osiris, not Jo-Seb.

  5. True, both Jesus and Horus possessed royal ancestry.

  6. False, Horus was born in a swamp.

  7. False, angels aren’t in Egyptian mythology.

  8. False, no such event is recorded in Egyptian mythology.

  9. False, Horus’ birthday is celebrated in a four day long festival during August 24-28, and there is no record of any processions with a manger.

  10. False, angels don’t exist in Egyptian mythology.

  11. False, no such event is recorded in Egyptian mythology.

  12. False, Horus himself is one of the three solar deities of the Sun, so this doesn’t make any sense.

  13. False, no such event is recorded in Egyptian mythology.

I have to go back to work now, and I can still go through the rest after work if you’d like, but by now, I hope you get the idea.

Jesus and Horus are not copies of one another, anyone who says so is either ignorant of one or both mythologies, or is spreading blatant misinformation.

Zeitgeist is bullshit, it possesses the same scholarly credibility as the bible. Because it’s not a work of reason, research, and a search for the truth; but it is a work of faith.


Exactly! Though I did mention the Jesus vs Horus parallel in my original response, a Jesus vs Horus debate deviates from the topic at hand.

My response was not even meant to be Anti-Christian per se… I was just making a point. If @ExTenebrisVictoria is a devout Catholic and actually believes in the words of the rosary, in salvation through Jesus-Christ, the reality of the Catholic Hell and Purgatory, all those rules of the Catholic Church, etc., then more power to them!

But if they don’t, then I don’t see the point in praying the rosary. I used to be a practising Roman Catholic, and I was part of that youth group. I’d carry the cross, the lamp, give Communion… But as I got more and more involved in the Goetia, one of the chief members of the group objected to my giving Communion (we were close, and I’d confide in him a lot).

Besides, no matter how hard I tried to follow all of the rules listed in the Official Catechism, I always had setbacks cause some of the rules just did not make sense, and at some point, even some priests got fed up with me, but they failed to realize it was all because of how stupid, asinine and actually obsessive some of those rules were. Following obsessive rules might very well lead to “obsession”…

It’s had that point that I started to realize the Roman Church was all a lie and not for me, and that’s how I lapsed from it.

That said, some mages actually do merge the two (Pagan practices with Catholic prayers and rites), Haitian Voodoo practitioners also recite Catholic prayers in their ceremonies, etc. Some mages such as @TheStorm I mentioned in my original response have a strong opinion against that, while others say that religion is not magick, magick is not religion, and some powers may be drawn from Catholic rituals.

Some warned me Catholic prayers may feed the Angels, Yahweh may hide within Catholic icons of the Virgin Mary, that serving Satan and Yahweh at once, I’d end up pissing off both, while others told me they may actually direct the energy of a Mass to Lucifer… To each their own, I guess.

@charles9, how interesting is it that Tom Harpur was an Anglican priest. This shows that he wasn’t even trying to be Anti-Christian or anything. All his research led to the conclusions he published.

@Lady_Eva @AdamThoth @MKUltraMadeMeDoIt