I need your opinion about this thing

i got this kind pendant few month ago
it says a portal to related sigil but the truth is with sitri pendant i cant get what i want … im still learning though and a month ago i get a new one it clauneck pendant

i just ask what do you guys think about it … is it really a portal ? or it just a sigil that i need to charge ?
and the behind of the pendant there some logo that im not quite understand … can anyone give some info about it ?

  1. Sitri pendant

  2. Clauneck pendant

    the back of Clauneck pendant was my name and my birthday so blur for privacy :grin:


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If I were you I would cleanse it with 4 elements and then evoke the spirit and ask to charge it for you. No need for mumbo jumbo and this is the best way if I were you. Simple and honest answer.

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Anything can be a portal even a piece of paper. Cleanse it and do an evocation and ask the spirit to charge it with their energy or influence. Or whatever you wish really.

Tip on Prince Sitri: YOU also have to be open to having your own sexual energy altered because that’s what he will do. Bring the two of you together in a rage of primal sexuality. Try invocation next time .


You should charge it, particularly on your own.


The best talismans are made by the magician who use them

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