İ need your ideas (joining tv show)

Hello guys, İ am invited to a TV show next week
i will be a guest

İ already know how to answer but İ really would like to hear your beloved ideas.

Plus TV has some rules so İ won’t be able talk about dark magic or some censored.words

So since my words are limited due to censorship rules all i can talk about energies

Here are the questions?

How our thoughts effects our reality( life) ?
What is aura, why we do not like other people’s aura ?
How do we understand our partner has good or bad energy ?
How we attact good energy into our lifes?
How do get rid of bad energies ?

The “why do we like/dislike peoples auras” is a really iffy one that can easily be twisted into questions about race creed color or religion. If it was me I’d be vague and sidestep anything that is directing towards those things that can be twisted against you.

As to the other questions I highly recommend looking up what the prevailing white lighter and mainstream religious perspective on energy is so that you keep as close to as possible the acceptable perspectives they want to hear because anything else will set their antennae twitching get them on the offense or defense and have them twisting your opinions against you.

Just watch a typical talk type show like Dr Phil then watch the atypical ones like Geraldo Rivera had (has?). Seeing those shows jaded me on media generally. In my opinion based on watching stuff over the years all the media wants is to reaffirm their biases and attack and make fun of everything that is against their biases.

All that said, good luck and be careful what you say (don’t forget your friends relatives bosses and coworkers may see it)


İ will check it out now. Thank you

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Talk about energy. And read this for some ideas.

“About 80 years ago, scientists discovered that it is possible to be in two locations at the same time — at least for an atom or a subatomic particle, such as an electron.”

You are awesome İ am checking it out

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