I need your help with this message

Hello, I have just finished a ritual dedicated to Lucifer, as I am trying to build a connection with me. During this ritual I felt the urge to pick up some tarot cards, but I am not sure about their meaning. I would like to ask for your help interpreting them, as I am not a good tarot reader.

The first card was King of Pentacles
The Ace of Pentacles
Page of Swords
Nine of swords
Ten of chalices
The Hierophant

I hope this message does not offend anyone. I am also trying to find the meaning, but I thought it would be good to ask for help of someone who is more into tarot.
Thank you!

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In this case, I would say the King of Pentacles is a dark man with earthly connections and power and riches.
The page of swords is a smart but wet behind the ears in his domain.
Nine of Swords, some nightmarish situation or nightmares
Ten of Cups Material happiness
Hierophant A leader of a group such as a church, that has divine connection.

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Just going with what immediately comes to mind… Lucifer usually shows up to me as the King of Sword, which I don’t see here, only the Page of the same suit.

Mind turned more toward material gain and what the joining can bring you. There is some reshaping that needs to be done before you can enjoy the benefit of this connection. Otherwise you risk getting trapped in a spiral of negative thoughts, defeatism and self-doubt. Particularly about the physical or material or manifest changes you are seeking. Let go of what you think to be true. Let go of expectations of grand shows of synchronicities and signs.

The last two are a bit confusing, without knowing if you’ve used a specific spread to read something. Either you’ll be heavily rewarded for following a strict system given to you by the entity, or you’ll be rewarded by freeing yourself from the shackles of… either a religion, or beliefs you grew up on, or any particular hierarchy that holds you in sway. Can’t say which card influences which.

Nice deck though. What’s the name of it?


Hello. Thank you so much for your opinion. I am really a terible at tarot and I want you to know I am really thankful.
It name is The Light Visions, the cards are not very large but their art is beautiful.


Hey hey. It’s okay to try and interpet things on your own. The least I recommend is asking other people. What I do is this - got to this site and simply check the meanings for yourself. I have found it to be most accurate.


Before I begin, I should mention I know little about Lucifer! Forgive me if I say anything incorrect about him.

So, as @Veil mentions, pentacles definitely have to do with material, growth, creation. Thus, I interpret these two pentacle cards together as a new project (Ace of Pents) coming into the timeline with, like @Nightside says, a wealthy, well-connected masculine entity (King of Pents) assisting with its progression. Pentacles, associated with the earth, move and work slowly, but steadily. So anticipate this project requiring patience and matched dedication. It will be worth it.

I read the Page of Swords, Nine of Swords, and Hierophant as a message telling you what will come in this project from Lucifer’s perspective. Swords have to do with intellect and ideas, and Hierophant has to do with guidance, mentorship, and doctrine.

  • Specifically, the Page of Swords is like a youngin’ wielding the sword for the first time, which hints at a level of beginner-energy, but also playfulness, learning, a child playing in the well of idea and thought. It also has to do with communication; pages are known as messengers. They’re not quite to the Knight’s status of wielding their suit’s tool but are on their way in the hierarchy of the suit. The Page of Swords plays with the sword and learns about it, communicating and sharing messages within its realm to absorb the suit’s energy.
  • The Nine of Swords is nicknamed “Lord of Cruelty/Despair,” which is very fitting with Lucifer’s reputation. While I agree with @Nightside that he can appear in the King of Swords, I think the 9 of Swords says the same here, being that the card indicates the presence of a Master of the Sword’s dark energy. It’s also important to note the word “lucifer” (uncapitalized) in Latin means “light-bringing”, which, in a sense, defines Sword energy too, while also speaking to Lucifer’s innate mastery of it through his name.

So, you have the Page of Swords, a child learning the sword, playing in its well of idea and thought, plus the 9 of Swords, the “Lord of Cruelty/Despair” and it equals the Hierophant, i.e., the process of YOU having an educational connection with Lucifer, you as a student, He as your teacher, where you learn to wield the sword of darkness. This combination, alongside the two Pentacle cards, indicates it will be a slow, steady, fruitful process.

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