I need your help with a dilemma

Ok, Here is a hypothetical scenario:
I want to be a famous singer. My end goal is to perform in a specific hall, on a specific day, in a specific dress, with a specific drummer to a specific number of audience 5 years in the future. (Time is long enough for the things to fall into place. It doesn’t matter if it is the first concert or 50th.) The outcome is as strict as possible, a combination of some specific things happening at the same time.

At the moment:
I have no knowledge of music, or the industry. Heck, just to make things harder, I have hearing disability.

The dilemma:
a) I cast a spell, concentrating in my end goal ( make a pact, use magic, LoA, light a candle, wish upon the universe… whatever…) and let the pieces fit.
About 6 weeks in a car hits me. The bump on my head restores my hearing, and the driver who is the owner of a successful record company takes an interest in me. I reach my end goal.
This is the path of least resistance. The probability of this happening is not zero. My spell has found its own way to make things happen.
b) I plan my way,
I restore my hearing,
I learn about music,
I meet the right people,
I gain charisma, fame,
This is the logical way, and while it lowers the chance of failure, it also doesn’t leave room for the least resistant path. (I missed my car crash on the way to doctors office.) It needs me to micromanage every step, therefore limiting my possibilities for the things happening any other way.

What is the correct approach here? How can I let a happen while working through b?
And if I chose b, when should I envision the end goal? I know I said final outcome is strict but on the way I might realize a different drummer is better for me. This would be a result of going step by step.

I really would like your opinions on this.

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Wait so scenario A didn’t actually happen?

Ime you’d be best off using Goddard style Law of Assumption for this.

Or ask Asmodai for increased skill then Belial to destroy blockages, and maybe a general road-opener


Haha I wish.
The keyword here is “or”. Choosing one scenario either cancels or weakens the probability of the other happening. Yes, there are many things you can do to support either, but they are completely different paths. I am trying to do both here :slight_smile:

I agree with @Veil. I feel the Law of Assumption would be much more effective for something like this than spells.

Assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled and live in the end. In other words, don’t worry about how you will get to the final result, but instead see yourself as already there. Feel with all of your senses that you are that person now, and let the pieces fall into place on their own. Ignore what your current reality is telling you, and live from your result.

And by the way, in the work of Neville Goddard, he tells the story of a woman who restored her husband’s hearing through the Law of Assumption, without medical intervention, mechanical aid, or head trauma from a car accident, so it is much better to put attention on the end result, not the specifics of how to get there.


:point_up: DK is right on the money here. @asagl, you don’t need to micromanage your path to your desired result. You can use ritual to nudge events in the right direction, but casting a ritual for something like “I get in a car accident which fixes my partial hearing loss” is taking a very narrow path to the outcome.

I’m trying to think of where I read this – might have been a GoM book – but I recall reading about a person who was trying to be a successful actor, or author, or musician, or something – and every time they won an opportunity, their agent would take them to lunch to celebrate. So the OP decided to cast a ritual/use the Law to focus on being at a celebratory lunch with their agent.

See the difference? Not focused on “X happened to me for Y result” but purely focusing on “I am experiencing Y (a noted/established consequence of X)”.

If you put parameters on achieving results, you can hamper them. The best thing to do is decide on your intended outcome and bask in it, and do not let yourself assume boundaries or think of specific means to your desired end. Just focus on the end, always, and let things unfold as they may.

God does not ask you to consider the means, but to define the end.

– Neville Goddard


Norski wrote about his liking for doing rituals for “cigar and whiskey nights”, his way of celebrating successful business deals that come through, bypassing the how, what, when, who etc. of getting the deal done. Thinking straight to the end result, the celebration, the part that can really be enjoyed.

On the subject of thinking, lol, a car accident to cure an ailment? Most usually car accidents cause much more trauma than cures so to the op, it’s much better to allow your focus to go on positive things that attract more positives to follow.


@Veil @CovertCreator The car accident is the hypothetical scenario for a less probable way to become the easiest way to manifest the outcome here. It is not a part of the spell, but just an example of the shortest way to the solution.
I see that the general consensus is to go with path a. So be it. Thank you.
On second thought, I understand you better now. It’s about the effects of the final goal, not the scene itself. Or I could say I should be thinking about the afterparty, not fixate on the performance itself.

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Hypothetical or not, you might want to be very careful what you think about regarding your goal.

Is your goal important to you? Is it precious to you? Treat your goal as a real live thing because you are after all trying to bring it to life.

Thoughts are real things and you bring your thoughts into your own existence as real events. Thoughts really do develop into real events, that’s the basis of everything we create.


I think A is the way I’d go. I’ll trust the spirits to take care of me!

I would freak out and have so many mini-goals I’d go crazy over them and then freak out about my end-goal all the way there.

I’d rather call the spirits, do the magick, and let them guide me to what I want. And I trust that if I want a slight change in my end-goal they’ll support me with it.

I’m not sure that I agree with this. For me, I’d put my faith in magick over me micromanaging my life to hell any day.

I’d spin this around. I would do A and then work my way through B, do the magick and then the work for it to align. If you start out with rigid plans you have to act out, you’re limiting yourself and your magick a lot. While the magick can work around these limits, why make it? You’ve already said A is the path of least resistance. So let if flow and supplement it with your hard work.

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Yes I agree with you. I think, I will find myself getting closer to insanity by getting closer to my end result, by going with plan b.
The problem is that those steps in plan b need to happen whichever path I choose. While there’s room to wiggle in path a, the specific outcome depends on all the factors coming together. So would it be more productive doing a in a later stage where the goal is more reachable?
I feel like I am running in circles here.

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Sometimes you have things blocking you from manifesting that you don’t even realize that you have. Even if the spirits told you what those things were, point blank you might say, No, I am not going to give up xyz for my goal, even if it would be in your best interest to do so.

I will give you an example. I was evoking Belial for a couple years, but there was no way in hell he could tell me to get rid of my (now ex) husband. If he said anything like that, it would have been “yeah, you are a demon, trying to break up marriages like that.” I believe that marriage is for life etc." and you know what relationship would have gone goodbye (hint, not the one that should have gone goodbye)

Finally, the antimagick paranoid psychotic ex walked out, and of course Belial like “He is no good for you.” but STILL, I didn’t listen, because I was so attached to my belief system. Even going psychotic to get him back wasn’t enough for me.

It was only when I realized that being with my ex was antithetical to every single other goal I held that I realized I needed to let my ex go, and still it was the most painful thing I have ever done. (10,000 times worse than childbirth lol)

There is a way around that however, if you can realize yourself what is standing in your way, and drop that belief system, then you can make things work you otherwise thought impossible.


That was sad.
But also beautiful.

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Aye I remember reading his post about that. It’s a clever hack. As an aside, I think the other scenario I mentioned (the person focusing on having lunch with their agent to celebrate a booking) might have been from one of Neville Goddard’s books or lectures as well.

Definitely scenario A type thing for OP :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok. I will go with that.
I might need to think a bit more on this. Like finding a foolproof wording, getting in the right mind, etc…
Sadly I can’t make LoA work for me to save my life. But I get the mindset.
I will need some time before I take action. Or I might be overthinking again.
Of course I need to calm down fist.

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The demons have been telling to me get rid of someone and I don’t want to. Ugh… this just reminded me of it.

But they’re usually right. Which is why I’d choose magick over anyone even if I put some resistance with it and what I’m told. It seems to always be better for me to go the magick route.


The more limiting you make wording, the more loopholes there are. Short and sweet is the way to go.

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Thank you. All of you. You helped me a great deal.

The Law of Assumption is NOT the same as the Law of Attraction. It’s more about being who you are than attracting something. Manifesting the result is simply a by product of assuming you’re someone who already has it.

In Law of Attraction, they tend to talk about being a “co-creator” with God, while in Goddard’s work, you are God, or rather, your imagination is God, so there is nothing outside of your own experience.

The Neville Goddard people and the Law of Attraction people don’t get along on reddit lol

I recommend picking up a copy of Neville Goddard’s book Feeling is the Secret, (it’s out of copyright and can be found freely online) or listening to some of his lectures on YouTube to get an idea of how it differs from LOA.


I am aware of Goddard. And his methods. I just didn’t know it had a different name, I thought it was just another method. I used to dwell on quantum jumping and it is heavily inspired with Goddard. It never worked. Maybe because I can’t let my attachment to reality go. Well, it’s not easy assuming something is different while it keeps kicking you in the face.
But I can make things happen by just using my will. Especially cursing.I have cursed 4 or 5 people until now (nothing fatal, or permanent… Just a means of duck you.) And it was so direct and strong that I am being frugal about it.
Therefore I can manifest, I just need to be in the right mood. I’m not sure I should be using a method I have difficulty with.
I wish I could curse my way out of this. Or can I? :wink:

Cursing as a means of building instead of destroying is certainly an interesting issue to consider.

But this is what I wanted to talk about. This is a limiter. Thinking that you have to be in a certain mood to do productive magick seems more constraining than empowering. I wonder if part of your issue might be that you go into rituals to construct/create/make with a mood more appropriate for curses?

You could try putting on music that sets the tone you want for ritual though? Or thinking about what you want to happen and that should trigger an emotional reaction? Whether that’s the case or not, I want to suggest that you consider mood isn’t the most important part of your magick. Intention and your ability to put power behind it is more likely to be.

Not sure if I was helpful or not, but some food for thought.

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