I need your help.. SERIOUSLYYYYY of

Today went to a trip and came back.I am high as fuck right now…As I was walking through the stairs went up to door and knocked. Suddenly I here my grandmother’s voice “Who’s there” I had the key I went through.Then I changed my clothes and then went upstairs…I saw my grandma and said “I’m hungry” see didn’t give a shit walked down(What an oldy​:triumph:).Then I went to second floor and was going at kitchen I saw kitchen’s door is locked.Lets not ignore the fact that there’s 4 rooms in 2nd floor(including kitchen).And I checked each door and find them locked. I was little bit scared that time and I said to myself"She must have came from 3rd floor".Then I went third floor(There are 2 room 3rd floor).I find them each locked. And my my good lord I was fucking scaredddd​:fearful::fearful::joy:.I went down ask to grandpa he was taking a shower.I asked him,“Did aama went out to Om shati(She is a truly dedicated her life to Om shanti which i that teach about 4 yugs and helps in spiritually ascending)”. Grandpa told"She went outside before you came",“Are you sure grandpa”,“Yes I’m 100% sure”. And I was like This old man’s tripping :joy_cat:. Then I went to sister asked the same question ,she also says YESS!!.Then I was terrified.I just hear her calling and I saw her waking next to me going down and me going up.Im hella scaredd right now.I saw and they said she went out before I came.Is this universe trying to send me a message or something or it is her spirit that I saw??Pls guys I need help what’s gonna happen?..Thank you so much​:grinning:…EDIT:- I evoked King Lucifer today morning.

Stop taking drugs.


most random thing i read in your post, but how was it?


I didn’t think he came

he didnt come? try again bro

Posts like this are difficult to take seriously when you preface it with this :point_up: