I need your help guys

Ok so on August 20th,21st and 22nd I need to be unable to move with my bodies and I need to be unable to do anything.If anyone knows how to get my energy bodies out temporarly or if you can put a sickness spell on me on 20th and take it on 22nd of August I would really be thankful.I need to be completely in a state where I can’t move or do anything for 3 days…If you can make me unable to move and do anything for 3 days you would really help me.I don’t exactly want to say why here but if you can take my spirit out of my body or do a sickness spell or take my energy for those 3 days you would be doing me a HUGE favor.Thank you guys and I hope you don’t think I gone completely mad and that you have an understanding.I really don’t want to die :frowning_face:

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well that worked…not

Well, I’m sure you had your reasons, but you never put out any reason as to why someone should momentarily induce catatonia…cause and effect. Why would they? You can’t exactly post a vague request and then express surprise when it does not come to fruition, can you? In your magick or anyone else’s, for that matter.

I didn’t really think much about that…But now when I think about it it kind of makes sense…Anyways I can try some hypnosis that will put me out completely but I don’t know how I could wake up.maybe if I leave a bunch of clues someone may figure it out.I think I gone completely nuts…Didn’t even sleep tonight and I drank too much coffee this morning.This world sucks…Wonder if there is a way to go to paralel universe and to stay there for life.

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