I need to rant about personal problems

As I’ve expressed before my family is moving down south. I’ve known about this move for a year. Though there’s never been a date, so it’s been hanging over my head. So I tried to fill my time here with as many activities as possible. Then came covid, and three full months of staying home.

Within those three months, I’ve had to end a friendship of more than 7 years. I met another girl who’s just so anxious it’s not even worth talking to her. I tried hanging out with this nieghbor of mine who’s 4 years younger than me. I tried reconnecting with an old classmate after thinking she moved back in with her parents, but she didn’t and I found out she’s married with kids. I feel so old, though I’m 25. My only contact with the outside world are fetlife zoom meetings and I’m terrible in groups.

Recently, I found an outlet. I started attending the blm protests. I’ve been to three and it’s been nothing but bliss till I get home. Then I’m just depressed. However, recently I’ve been told I can’t go to anymore because the house can’t sell if I’m exposed to covid.

Because of covid, I can’t go to events, meet people, or just chill out at the library. Because of this move, I can’t perform rites, can’t go to protests, can’t even have spices or hot sauce. I’m stuck at home, desperate to talk to someone that I’m not related to. I hate this!

I’ve decided that if I’m gonna move, then I’ll just move. When my family takes stuff to nc, he stays in a house belonging to my late grandparents. I’ve decided to go with them and stay for a month. Hopefully there I’ll get more freedom than I have up here. They tell me that the town is in stage 2 of opening back up. So to the least, maybe I could go play at a local Game shop. I can return to practices. But what I really want to do is go to these protests. I want to be useful. I hate how I can’t go to them here.

protest is what’s spreading it. your making it worse. the thousands that will die indirectly. your so selfish. well, not you. The group . =o) And you feel old? old people are mature to see the big picture not one dimension of partying or instant emotional satisfaction.

There’s plenty of things you can do to be productive that don’t harm others. and the protest will make it even longer shelter in place. them hardcore protesters are one dimensional. you can figure out why with the contradiction they doing.

everyone having it tough. we can only do the best we can and the right thing to get through all this as soon as possible.

Chin up brother. Sounds like you’re going through a tough time right now, I hope things improve for you soon. Even if you can’t fully practice, can you use the time to work on basics, like meditation or chakra work? I’m sure even if you are surrounded by people, meditation is a common/mainstream enough pastime that it’s not going to get you any odd looks.

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You always got this forum bro and plenty of people to message. I’ll start a convo with you on PM. Though I do understand online people is completely different to real life.

I suggest looking further more, use Tinder, go on Facebook and see which local groups and meetups there are in your area… you might even find a local group with the same shared passion.

I usually enjoy being alone, but sometimes when I shut the door on the last person leaving, I sit down against the wall and put my head down for hours, just sitting there in a catatonic state of loneliness and sorrow. It’s a very deep thing at the same. I can only imagine what you are feeling would suck…

I suggest walking around your local shopping centres that have everything close by, there you can strike up conservations at the library, coffee shop or certain stores… (I’m not sure what covid restriction you guys are on) but try your best!

Next is to imply your hobbies into play, are there any local fishing Spots? Take your rod and start fishing where everyone else is. It could even be something like volunteer work that can make you feel contributing along with Making friends.

Never stop trying, they will come as your vibe will attract your tribe. Take care !


There is never a time you can’t perform rites. One thing I learned from C. Kendall first, is that since magick does not originate from the physical, it can be performed astrally.

In the astral, you can erect whole temples dedicated to whatever you’re practicing and perform your rites there with just as much, if not more (due to the physical restraints on magick in place here being released) power. I’ll DM you a good method for it if you like.

There is never a reason to not perform your rites, not even quarantine.

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