I need to find an entity/god/demon/angel that is stronger then an entity called sanatas

Do not invoke or evoke this entity for what ever reason he does not like to be summoned and his presence will make you go homicidally insane

So I did an evocation where I gained magickal power so I gained it in a way I didn’t expect I am looking to revoke the pact some how or get sanatas to rescind the evocation through a stronger I’m sure sanatas isn’t the strongest deity out there so I’m sure there is a way I can reverse this. And I want to do this in a way that’s not disrespectful to sanatas it possible. Any suggestions will help. https://www.google.com/amp/s/vkjehannum.wordpress.com/2018/07/11/sanatas/amp/

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I don’t work with deity’s so I might be of no help but…no one else has tried so i might as well… maybe they think this is a troll post I don’t know… maybe it is…

From what I’ve heard and what I’ve seen some evil spirits can intercept these summoning’s and pretend to be the spirit you’re trying to contact…

That being said I have been visited by a certain deity that I will not name! That was very disrespectful of my living conditions… so I suppose it’s possible… but still I’d think they’d at least give a warning first… if not… maybe you caught him at a bad time… and since they are so powerful… they accidentally cursed you?

If so white sage, tektite, Shungite, singing bowl and the colour white can help with cleaning off what ever energy is attached to you. If that doesn’t work I have a abundance of techniques that can be used for self defence but will require a lot of dedication and time to properly perform.


Are you still alive or haven’t been arrested?
What did you do after that?
You solved the problem with sanatas

yes im still here and alive

yes im still here and alive

ill have to try that when i get money next

Pray to him to give you a sign.

he doesnt like being summoned

I’m asking you to pray. Or get a consultation with VK. He has more experience with the one true king. Or if you can invoke the spider queen Sepheranz.

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i shall try to invoke or evoke sepheranz ty

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Tantra valerian is more powerful maybe

do you have a link to an article of him maybe

Yes the book of Oberon. Read it and find the most powerful spirit there

Please dont try that. According to draconian tradition Sanatas is the one true king and is only controlled or influenced by the Spider Queen. Attempting to overpower him might fuck you up.

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