I need to do something ASAP

This morning I got an email from my ECommerce service provider Tibolli.NET. They said starting January 31, 2019 Tibolli would no longer be free. And to make matters worse they claimed to be a free service provider. You can see it in the website and some YouTube videos for proof. I did a tarot reading to see how expensive their subscriptions would be. The answer was negative meaning that it will be expensive. So I am thinking about performing a ritual to have Tibolli.NET cancel that proposal, and to keep their word on free eCommerce service. What entity do you think I should evoke? Help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

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Your own inner self to either look at your eCommerce work as a business and make money with it so that paying those that provide you with services can earn their fair share or release your dream of an eCommerce business. Either way, look within to see what is right for your now.