I need to clarify this


When ever I do any spirit work now, I begin by calling the Guardians of the Watchtowers toward each direction. They ALWAYS appear. Two have been with me a long time. Another has been with me for several years and the last one has been there for appox. a year and half. It never really occurred to me to try to get in touch with them individually until reading about E.A.s early years where the group would call the Watchtowers.

I began to single out my Guardians to call them individually and talk with them…I did begin callling the American Indian Elder that always appears with hundreds or thousands of Wolves that run in behind him and group together and then sit there and watch. He always has a long staff in his right hand.

I have always thought of these 4 beings as protectors and also the watchtower beings I used in any formal ritual. Although, my formal rituals have now taken on a less formal atmosphere and I feel more closely connected to these beings, I no longer use any circle or even a triangle but sit down and call but I still use a sigil to call a specific being.

My question is have I been missing something here by not calling these beings up individually and have you guys already been contacting yours in your workings?

Last night the blackness opened up and I joined my Grandfather Wisdom on top of a mesa in Canyon country. Beautiful vivid colors all around us. He was sitting there and he said I am glad you have come. I smiled as I saw he was now a much younger warrior and commented on his appearance. He then passed a pipe to smoke to me and then we had a conversation. I opened my eyes and could see the same scene if I made a little adjustment and then I could close my eyes and go back to the same scene. But I did not pull this to full manifestation, it seems maybe this would be the same result as far as what I was seeing, even if it was a spirit I was attempting to call into full manifestation. Our conversation was heard within my head, not out loud.

If you would be so kind as to tell me how far off base with any of this I might be and by doing so, it may open simple things to do to increase my contact ability I had never thought of before. Thanks in advance.



Interesting … They are suppose to be the oldest of the beings. I wonder were you would find there sigils I say go for it!!!


I have never had any sigils for any of these beings. The being in the East is the one I remember being with me the longest. He first appeared standing…but now he is always in a lotus pose and is levitating in the air. He always is wearing white…white turtle neck shirt, long sleeves and white pants and white shoes. He has long dark hair, not white or silver hair. Sometimes I do see a large black stone head like you would find on Easter Island that comes from the East when I call but it can appear together with the main being from the East that is in White. Hmmm. just realized as I type this that there is the black and white color scheme together in the East.

Then there are two beings from the South, the main one is a large wolf and the first time I saw him he did give me his name. The other being that appears with him is a Tibetian monk always in his long red robe and shaved head. I have never gotten his name yet.

And then the newest of the group is a large Pelican in the West. Sometimes there is a large Eagle that comes with it but most of the time it is just the Pelican itself…I just call it Peli. Have no idea about the name of the Eagle.

Of course, I have already described Grandfather Wisdom from the North and the wolves…and I am very, very comfortable with all of these…

So all of these Spirits are with me at all times but they seem to always be in their places in the four directions whenever I call for the Watchtowers or Guardians.

I do not understand all this but I just accept it as it is completely comfortable.

That is the reason for this post as maybe someone can help me understand it all more clearly.



When I first started doing ritual work I’d call on the four archangels as my watchtower guardians. Mind you I was like 13 or 14 at this point and it made me curious since they came when I needed them if I could actually call them individually. I decided to call on Micheal one day and as we were talking he told me the purpose of the watchtower guardians and as the conversation continued I was more and more curious so finally instead of answering all my questions he decided to show me and it lead me to my first actual pathworking by calling and learning from the guardians of the watchtowers and actually taking their respective places at times astrally when they would be called. The guardians of the watchtowers can be called and learned from as well as making a whole path working around it. I’d say call them individually and get to know them. They most likely have knowledge and power you need to develop to move further in your practice plus you’ll get a greater understanding of what they are doing for you when you call them for ritual.


Thanks…This gives me answer I searched for…it is clear and fills in some questions. I have already started this process.




It’s an amazing experience. Take it as far as you can. Enjoy it. :slight_smile:


@ Maxx & Kitari - I am really absorbing these wonderful personal accounts & what I’m coming to recognize is that everybody seems to, at some point, become aware of an “Inherent” or “Natural” affinity. I’ve noticed this in post after post on all manner of topics.

And I’ve also seen that those of you who get curious about that inherent ability - regardless of what it is - and follow it, play with it, test its boundaries & ask endless questions about your specific natural inclinations … these are the People who seem to accelerate/ develop confidence/ find their niche/ attract all manner of assistance and generally ‘enjoy the journey’ the most.

This consistent pattern I’m seeing is answering alot of questions … :wink: Z


Endless curiosity is the name of this game Zoe. The more questions you ask and the more new things you try and the more angles you try to look from the more you will grow and gain power. Magick is a lot like breathing to me in the fact that I don’t see any wrong way to do it. Just a lot of different ways and whenever I have questions I can always find an answer and usually get a whole lot more than I planned.