I need the best angel/demon to show someone themselves

I’m dealing with a very difficult situation. The man and woman are trying to have me killed. Very long story. Somehow they can “legally”. Pretty much feel the same pain I have been put through. No one would even believe the story it’s so crazy. They have hurt my babies and done terrible things to all the people I love. If anyone wants to jump in feel free. As I’m up against a ton of people. They are not warlocks so know knowledge of magic. Made up terrible lies about me. Ruined my life. Thanks!

Work with the daemonic gatekeepers and the 7 archangels simultaneously.

I have been working with the arch angels for sometime. But this doesn’t seem like a situation love can control. I have been doing that.


A mirror if your talking about yourself =o) this is reply base on the thread.

The other approach is baneful magick. showing them how bad they are isn’t going to change things. curse them. this is reply base on more info of your post. =o) plenty post on cursing. use the little magnify glass on top right area.

Try enochian magic, it’s very earthly
Nephilim magic is extremely powerful too