I need someone to check out my house

It turns out that there’s a malevolent parasitic entity that has been following me around since I was a kid. It followed me from my childhood home and since I can remember he’s given me nightmares and fucked with me. Legba revealed his existence to me. Would someone mind giving my house and vicinity an objective look?


Sure. One moment please. Tell me if you sense me.


I sensed you actually


a very small things, barely sentient. starting to gain relevance though

It’s a black centepede with red eyes within black mist. It’s large but not super powerful. It’s also not mordiggian. He tried to attack me but I thrashed him and left, as I was in school as I did that. If you want, feel free to summon me to get rid of it.

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It’s in a corner too.

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I have a treat for him :smiling_imp: did you see any other spirits?

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I have found sage smudging through the house, windows open and a candle charged with the energies of saturn or the sun, or both work well for clearing out unwanted spiritual pests.

Think high vibrational bug bomb on steroids lol energy parasites spirits and human cant stand it :joy:

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As a side note if you decide to do the one of planetary candles and notices anyone your regulary around start to become unbalanced (mentally, emotionally, physically) there is a fair chance they have been leeching energy off ya. Had this happen with a few toxic people who where regulars at one of my old jobs. They stopped coming soon after.

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No, not that time. I’ll check again.