I need some one who is willing to help

So I have been doing the best I can to reach Lucifer. I made an offering. Drew his sigil very carefully, selected the best dark chocolate I could find, place it all on a pillow, lit a candle and said his enn.

I did an evocation again all things as said above except I faced East.

Last night I sigil gazeing and today again did evocation ritual. But I have had no luck in recieveing any communication or signs.

If there is some one willing to communicate with Lucifer on my behalf at least just so he can say what he wants me to do so we can communicate. Or until we get the blockage out the way.

If may ask this, I will return the favour in another way back to you when the time comes.

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Pm me details. I will make time for you but understand im very busy with my own work.

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I’m getting something about smoke. Did you have incense? If so, was it clouding before you, seemingly traveling on your skin? If you didn’t then I think it was him touching you in the center of your chest up your shoulders and your lips.
This is just the image I got when I asked him so I don’t know it it helps or means anything.

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Well I used incense but I do not remember this though. I did stop smoking and I had a few cigarets a few days ago, may it be a warning to stay away, or he won’t come? Because it may be out of my integrity…

Also after the offering I have been suffering from the. most excruciating tooth pains non stop for 5 days now. The only thing regarding my mouth.

Or should I try again I can get fracincense to do the ritual with today I learnt he liked it.

I get migraines for days when I have strong contact with him so that might explain the tooth ache.
Oddly enough I would take it as to offer him a cigarette also next time. It’s something you like or liked so it’s sharing something of value to you. Plus spirits like tobacco in general.
Quitting smoking can make you irritable, on edge etc…this can interfere with relaxation. I’m not trying to advocate smoking (I smoke) but perhaps you weren’t as relaxed as you would have been while you’re fighting cravings and what not.
Lucifer isn’t the type to not come to you because of something you don’t like about yourself. He was up front with me about not hiding who I am - don’t pretend to be something I’m not. So I don’t think it got in the way because he didn’t like it.


Also, obviously spirits show themselves in different ways so you might not get a grand entrance. Pay attention to details but don’t be so focused on FINDING details that you don’t relax and let it happen.
Look for mental images, temperature change, something brushing on your skin, and telepathic communication.

Thank you I will keep all of these in mind.
You know I didn’t crave for a smoke I just wanted it all of a sudden. So it kind of makes sense now. Will just have to be more relaxed and aware and just go with weird cravings…


That’s definitely a sign! I don’t drink liquor and I got a strong desire to get some whisky. I could taste it. Then I asked him what he wanted and got the image of the bottle. Those are the details I’m talking about.
I definitely think you made contact.


Hhhhhmmmm I see. What do you think the pains and migraine are about? His Intense energy perhaps? What can I do to drastically improve hearing him extremely quickly? I know al good things come over time and practice, but in my case time is not something I have. Some one recommended make an offer to him and ask him to allow you to hear spirits. And I did it that is what the offer was for, but still I didn’t get it.

I think the pains are from the energy change. Some people get energized, some get drained. I feel "complete " but end up with a migraine. So the fact that you have something similar after contact is a big indication you were successful.
You may not necessarily “hear” with your ears. I started asking him questions and would get a "knowing " feeling. Don’t second guess yourself and think it’s your own mind answering.
I don’t know of any way to speed things up but I would do another evocation and let him know you truly desire to know him and wish to hear him speak to you. It’s likely happening already, just in ways you’re not used to.

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Thanks will keep trying and I will also get some help, where ever I can

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