I need some help

I have a spirit here wanting me to mediate a conversation with his friend. He tried talking to him before but his friend couldn’t hear him.

I’m concerned that the friend will not believe me if I say 'I am a medium and your dead friend wants to speak with you".

Any advice?


Ask the spirit for some information only the friend would know, and pass it on to him. When he asks how you know, tell him"so and so told me."


Don’t do that shit for friends and family. If you do it for anybody do it for people you don’t know that request it of you. Don’t go around being a go between for every Casper, Slimer, and Patrick Swayze that wants to send a message.
First off, offering this to someone because their dead relative said to is, at best going to land you in the psychiatric ward, and at worst going to offend the one who’s passed loved one wants to communicate with rendering the whole thing pointless in the first place.


Interesting can give details of why you see it as pointless. Also you’d not be psyched up if you use intuition and badic divination anf common sense is you nev talk to a psychologist & pracical mind frame

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