I need some help

I have a bronze pendant with a spirit or other entity attached or bound to it. I know this for a fact. I need help for a way of finding out the name of the spirit so I can perform a specific ritual that requires the name. Please help as it is quite important

Call forth the Spirit and ask it.


@Chaos The pendant can be used as a sigil. Simply call forth the Spirit into visible appearance, and ask them for their name.

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Thanks but I’m not sure it would be a good idea as I believe the spirit has something against me, and was negative anyway

It probably wouldn’t give me its name even if it was safe to ask

With the title and display pic I thought drachir.
Open thread see answer given and excuses made…

Unless the guy who sold it can tell you then answer above is your best bet

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Or you can bind it to our will and force it to tell you it’s name

Have you tried sleeping on it? Literally sleeping on it. Put it under your pillow and sleep on it. It probably won’t directly give you the name, but it could, and will most likely make it easier to connect and find out. One thought, though. If you ask a spirit for a name and it refuses then it is most likely not one to show any trust in whatsoever.

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I hadn’t thought of that! Now it seems pretty obvious so yeah that might work- il try tonight