I need some help with understanding few things from the book "Become a Living God" :)

Hi, no-native English speaker here :slight_smile:
Can someone please explain me what is a censor and what coals is E.A. talking about? Here is a quote: “Set your censor in the direction in which the spirit will materialize. Light the coals in the censor, so that they will be ready for the incense at that time”. There is also “Place your incense upon the burning coals. I recommend copal resin, but you can use any incense resin that you choose, so long as it produces a steady and heavy stream of smoke.”. If I’m not mistaken, I think that censor might be an incense holder (though I’m not too sure), and if it is I only have this “normal” one with a narrow stream of smoke and you don’t use any coals for that, so do you know any cheap substitue? (btw page 13 in the book)

You can use a bowl with dirt, sand, or salt in it for a censor. The coals are usually special ones, like hookah coals, but any glowing coal will work. Then you just place the incense resin or powder on the coal. Here’s a pic of what I use, just a very small cast iron pan.