I need some help trying to figure out something

Sorry if this is posted in the wrong place. I don’t even know what to call it. I know some people have such amazing skills they can look at a photo of a room or look at a video of it. And possibly see what happened there? I know this seems harder than actually being there and touching the stuff themselves and getting an emotional feel or story. Sorry if I mess a lot up. I’ve had a long day, very dark, and scary for me. I want to first ask if anyone on here might be able to want to try that for me? I can send you pics of where event happened or video tape the room. I don’t want to give out any details before hand. But I’ll give you one or two. Murder or maybe even something gang involved.

Please personal message me if you would like to try this. It was very personal to me happened not that long ago.

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I can’t help but I hope you find someone that can.
All the best :black_heart:

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That phenomenon is called clairsentience . I’m willing to help. Pm sent.