I need some help on a demon

I was just starting my relationship with my succubus and I tried to use a dark window to see her, but I didn’t see her. I saw a man with squinted eyes with black hair and he was muscular.(also had a slightly goatish nose looking back on it.) I am very protective of my lover and I thought the man was there to harm her so I gave him a look that had an intent to protect her at any cost. He look me dead in the eyes and smiled and left peacefully. I have asked my darling who it was but she is quite about it.

why didn’t you ask him who he was?

I did but no answer just silence. I was to focused on keeping her safe. I over think situations so I get a little to in the moment.

I feel he meant no harm

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I know I feel like an ass now but that’s in the past. I will be more welcome to any more I just have a instant “I will protect” instinct.

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That’s why he smiled. He saw you protecting her.

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Was the man you saw in your vision wearing black?

No. I was shirtless when I looked in the window so he appeared shirtless.

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Shirtless black hair goteA he was greeting you n testing you a higher up checking you out they do that trust me ever meet one face to face? Lucifer is know to pop up out of the blue just to talk but I know that wasn’t himlrbi had black hair n is silent when I say Levi I mean Leviathan it may have been him