I need some help; Lucifer's little test

I was about to call him and tell him that I wanted an opportunity to grow.

That was a great opportunity for a negative entity to be there.

I tried to fight it, but I realized I was too powerless to banish it or destroy it as I usually am powerful enough to do. It wasn’t even strong. I kind of felt miserable. I managed to push it out with a bubble.

Weirdly enough, the solution was visualizing shooting a bullet at him that made him collapse into himself. But I figured that if I were stronger I wouldn’t need such a weird solution.

I called in Lucifer and I realized before he wasn’t coming because he was intending not to come. I was a little angry at him, but I guess this was important enough to do, so I started working with him.

I don’t remember exactly why, but I was prompted to know the significance and power of what nothing truly was. After I sort of realized that, I didn’t actually realize how that applied to me to give me any sort of power. I still feel pretty low vibrational and weak. Even though I manifest well,which is the exact opposite of the problem I had earlier which is that I was too spiritual and not enough physical.

How do I solve this problem? What am I supposed to do? Part of me thinks I can figure this out myself, but I think a pointer would be nice


If it’s a true test only you can figure it out. In my experiences whenever I’m tested no one on the outside can help with the solutions, though they can listen and speculate.

With negative mindframe and thoughts only negative usually comes.

Once again only speaking from what I know has happened to me.


He made me understand the entire process of creation, (structure, deliberation, consciousness, energy and infinity) and said that somehow, since I understood it, I had tapped into it. I don’t perfectly understand why, but I won’t argue with results.

I feel fine and banish with little to no effort. It was an effective teaching that will last.

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So… is Lucifer asking you something that philosophy (actual, real philosophy as written by actual, real philosophers) can answer?

If is that… then go read. But you’ll be up for a rude awakening. Answering even one single question like that may take years of (actual, real, ACADEMIC) study. It’s a nice ride, by the way. It will take you to the essense of things, you’ll understand the world around you much better, you’ll be waaaaay harder to fool. But be aware: it can fuck with your head. Becoming arrogant is way too easy at that point.


Could you clarify a bit? I’m not really sure what you think your problem is.

You say that you recently gained some insight, right? Sometimes the shock of spiritual insight can hit pretty hard.

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2 possible options:

Either you ran against an impostor trying to call Lucifer, which may happen, though rarely i think

or as you said Lucifer is testing you. if he is, sounds like you are on your way to learn no?

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Figured it out.

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You attracted a low vibrational entity because at the time you were vibrating a similar frequency. Raise your vibrational frequency. It will get rid of it. I recommend Abraham Hicks for this.

As for Lucifer, he I doubt he was ignoring you or anything like that, but you have to raise your vibrational frequency and stand in your worthiness. Are you worthy enough to call him and work with him? Only you can decide that. You need to change the story you’re telling yourself about this. Remove all doubt, fear, anger, and other low vibrational emotions from the story. Tell a story that helps you to feel good about calling Lucifer and working with him.

Then summon Lucifer.

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OH no, he definitely was. Well, he just wasnt coming. He was essentially showing me in the only way he could, since talking isn’t too great with my current skillset.

Part of it was the low vibration, but maybe I just don’t know how it works, because whenever I raise it, it ends up falling eventually and I just don’t know how to do it effectively.

He wasn’t. He can’t come to you when you believe that he won’t. In essence, your story of how he was testing and ignoring you kept him away.

Abraham hicks. :wink:

Never mind.