I need some advice on talking to a certain diety of the Jehova persuasion

I picked up the Caaninite script from another thread about this, but basically I am looking for suggestions on how to go about about contacting YHWH,Jehova,Yahweh, whatever you want to call him. Not looking to have him do anything aside from me having the knowledge that his ass heard what I have to say and it doesn’t go through his divine secretary or whatever he’s got going on. Also I need to speak with Lucifer and I’ve read a lot feedback on summoning him as well. My question regarding that is I only wish to speak to him about something. I don’t want deep arcane knowledge or anything from him aside from a simple conversation. Would that be fine for a reason to be contacting him or would he be pissed that I wasted his time so to speak. Also I didn’t ask that about Jehova/God whatever because I really don’t care what the fuck he thinks, but same boat I need a conversation with the both of em. Hell maybe I can call up both at the same time and have a banging party. In all seriousness though, I know it’s probably a strange thing merely wanting a conversation with the both of them but any help,pointers, feedback on what to expect with Lucifer. I just need to ask them both a personal question and it’s honestly nothing as far as they would be concerned I just require an answer from the both of them. I have an inkling on how to get YHWH’s attention but i don’t know if it’ll work this time because I’m not going to have the same sense of urgency I had the last time we spoke. Anyway got sidetracked there, any help would be greatly appreciated, as I would like to do this as soon as possible. The conversation in my head is weighing on me greatly and would like to get this over with. Though I will admit the conversation with Jehova is going to devolve into me cussing him slap the fuck out, so maybe a few suggestions for when i inevitably piss him off? Sorry for running so long.

Are you referring to Yahweh, or El? In the Ugaritic, El(I’lu) is the supreme Lord of the Pantheon of Gods(Elohim/I’luma) whereas Yahweh is a Midianite Thunder Deity of Mount Horeb equivalent to Ba’al Haddad.

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As much as I despise and Hate the concept of Jehova, christanity, most Christians, etc, I would not go off pissing a entity off. I personally don’t believe in a Jehova or “God” type of spirit. But either way going off pissing entities off would result in you getting the shit beat out of you one way or another. You asked for suggestions for when you inevitably piss him off, here’s mine. And im going to put it bluntly.

Suck up your hatred and pride and keep your cool when speaking with him. You want to burn a thousand bibles afterwords to relieve yourself of your burning hate towards Jehova, then by all means, please do. But yeah, there’s my suggestion, do as you wish.

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Oh no you misunderstand I do not concern myself with him in the slightest. We have a unique relationship to say the least. Years and years ago something that would have otherwise been, what I considered at the time and looking back still think it would have been, a catastrophic event in my life. So I didn’t pray to him normally, I proceeded to gather and gather as much energy as I could possibly muster and directed it at him with a message/prayer/whatever attached and directed straight at him. Low and behold seconds later I had this overwhelming feeling of something just indescribable in terms of power and energy. I have felt angels and talked to them , same goes for demons. This was on not even another level this wasn’t even the same fucking sport. I felt a rush of joy, yet it was as if I was being crushed at the same time. When he spoke it was the loudest thing I’d ever heard but at the same time it was a whisper. Anyway we went back in forth with our terms, came to an agreement and miraculously moments after I felt this being leave he did what he said he would. The confirmation of who it was i conversed with was given to me by the third person that was involved in our negotiations. They had no idea of what I did. They were about 15 miles away but the moment I saw them after this happened they told me they knew what I did and who was involved. This person happened to be the most devout christian I have ever known and she knew too much about what I did. We both had our stipulations attached to this deal, and when the requirement on mine came up she was taken almost a year to the day after the event that was required. Before anyone assumes anything there was no “soul selling” I merely agreed that I would accomplish certain tasks as they were assigned, up to three things. To this day I do not know what they are though I do feel as though i am at least one down. Make no mistake I don’t hate him there is no burning hate or anything of the sort. The cursing him out actually has nothing to do with any of that. I just want to know why he stopped responding. That is it. For probably a solid 2-3 months after this deal I prayed and got a response from whatever this extreme energy was. Beyond simple prayer these were conversations. After he quit responding I started having visions that felt like flashbacks. They have always been the same event but played through different eyes each time. It’s almost as if I was there when the angels fell, I felt that gaping hole feeling of being separated from God as if I was cast down right along with them. I simply want to know why. I don’t care if he even responds I just want to know that he hears me when I ask. I have always throughout my entire life been drawn to Lucifer for whatever reason.The reason I don’t concern myself with him is because my life has been a series of living hell due to events that have occurred and being a prisoner of my own mind. I’ve tried to kill myself at the least 18 times through all sorts of various ways. Nothing. I always end up just fine. I’ve had two car wrecks where the vehicles flipped at least twice and if you looked at a picture of the vehicles you would swear there was no way anyone could have survived that. Yet all I have ever gotten is a cut in the same place on my left elbow and a concussion. More or less it boils down to we had a deal and I haven’t fulfilled my end of the bargain and at this point in my life he just hasn’t revealed what he wants me to do. Sorry for the mess of a post. Hope you can make sense of all this and get something coherent out of it. Like I said there are so many times my brain doesn’t work with me to let me put things together the way I’d like.

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Yahweh, El shaddai, Yehova,Jehova, the Judeo-Christian lord of creation. Like I said I just need some way of making sure he hears me, I honestly don’t expect an answer hell I haven’t gotten one in probably 17 years.


Best way I know of is to practice Hesychasm. Use a prayer rope and recite the Jesus Prayer until you achieve Theosis.

Not so sure about YHWH. My experience with evocations begin and end with Lucifer. That being said Lucifer doesn’t seem to mind being called to talk to. I have called him to ask questions and to bounce ideas off of him.

I belive calling him is safe for you. What can go wrong. Was on that road hating him for all i read about the say god form. Some say thought form well i don’t know that my self.

I will try contact him my self becous i wan’t to give jehova a fair chanse. And i will not use any tools to do so.

I belive if you don’t know mutch about jehova then is it fair to hate and feel bad about the one marked.

Perhaps you have the right to be angry at jehova ore it could be a wake up call knowing he is not all about what you feelt thought.

I don’t protect him in saying this. I only wan’t people as my self that has bad thought feelings about jehova to let jehova show and explain what ever went wrong. take the time to make an own experience of jehova.

If you allready have some contact and still feel the same way try to give it fait and time for your self to get to know more.

I would love to know more about jehovas.

I belived for about a year or more that jehovas was the most powerful evil spirit out there. But today i can’t judge jehova becous i can’t say that he is all evil and bad for us humans.

But i belive he can do as the well known Demons and treat the one calling as the one called treats the one innvited.

I would be lovely and cool to know all there is about every living beeing that interact with us. To do so give it time and as we treat our own be fair honest and give the one beeing calld respect as long it deservs it.

Take what ever thought you have about jehova projekt them in front of you and hold every thought strongly beliving its know there not in your mind consiusness. And lit it with fier and let is shoot away like a burning light dissapering. Then say in your mind our out loud its done and feel happy and good about your sucsess.

It works for me every time. Its eases all bad thoughts for me.

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Part of my pact with Lucifer was I wanted freedom from damnation.
He said about all you will get with me is damnation, why wouldn’t you just choose Jesus?
Well Belial said he would always forgive me as long as I didn’t turn to Jesus.
“Oh maybe Krishna” And he laughed. I like Krishna myself.
Anyways few days later I ended up at this mystery school that puts up spells and forces you to turn to Jesus and the 10 commandments. So than Jesus and Lucifer just started battling it out, the way and the light vs the light bearer. Sometimes I sort of think Lucifer is just the dark side of Jesus, although, Jesus did light my soul on fire and shined his light so bright it is causing damage to my third eye. I feel Jesus has done good for me but this experience makes me feel a bit bitter! I am fighting not to choose him everyday, and he is more and more looking like a selfish and jealous God, I myself am wondering how I can continue this pact perfectly while restoring my third eye? Perhaps I should just be patient. For me God isn’t something to hate but the demiurge maybe more of what you are referring to.

I hope that shed light of some kind.

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Wow, i think the same that you. My daemon Said that jehovah is egocentric and selfdrstructive, but i really want to talk with him, at least once, to know him better and to have a better view of his personalité

You mean eternal fire damnation in hell?

I don’t overly believe in that or that it is that bad, I saw people going into the flame in hell, it was actually very beautiful in a way though too. They would go to find people they cared about, and peoples flesh would melt away in the process. There are scarier things still. Though I had Jesus light my soul on fire, very briefly though. I keep trying to say to show me love if they want me to side with them, to which they find pretty tough, I was going to say they haven’t but than again some of what I experienced was not bad, they got my ex back astrally doing energy healing work finally after weeks of fighting, but they trojaned Jesus light in and it started damaging me again, it would appear at least anyways.

I myself am not entirely sure how this works but perhaps if I hold this hanged man between us, and keep the battle going another day every day, Maybe I can’t win but because winning becomes a paradox Every day I don’t give in, becomes a victory, every day that I push toward my own salvation through myself moving towards my own heaven rather than his heaven is the way. Personally I always thought Mohammed was the dick but dang! It sucks having this guy try to mess up my third eye, coerce me with fear, demand I change my sexuality and gender expression, give up my will, give up my love, my dreams, my vision for a better world all for just the great joy of submitting to him without an explanation or even so much as a sexual release, and even if he did, it’s Jesus, that’d just be weird, but where do you think the term getting down on your knees comes from? I will save my worship for someone more worship worthy, and that is what I am looking at strongly!

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You think hell is eternal? My daemon Said that after i die i Will have 4 judges. And they Will decide where i Will Go. He Said hell exist but is not eternal you go there to pay for your biggest mistakes in life

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By whose standards will you be judged?

What do you mean with this?

Draggus ( he is my daemon, he is dionysus too( Jehovah ( i dont know why ) Astaroth and Lucifer

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I said to Lucifer that I wanted freedom from damnation as one of the 3 pillars of what I wanted.
He said about all you will get from me is damnation, why don’t you just turn to Jesus.

I offered on my end lots of things as well. I thought by the things I was offering that it was pretty good. But he said umm no that’s not good enough I want something more. I want to do shadow work on you. Which I think was a bit of a catch in and of itself, I figured so from the moment I agreed. So far I have got one really, really scary dream, it was the scariest dream of my adult life. I think it had to do with archangel Gabriel and the devil, I was shaking from about 5AM to about noon. So scary.

I also asked if I really want out of this pact can I get out life if the catches are really great and its taking me away from what I really want, or something like that.

And he said “Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, but for you to get out of this pact you will have to have a DAMN good reason.”

I really liked the way he said that, it was a nice touch. Best Halloween ever. lol

Yeah neat, on Halloween I evoked Hecate, Lucifer, Purson and Astaroth.
It was a good night.

Not a fan. Very sexual.