I need some advice on an affective curse

Hello all! I need some help and some easy methods of cursing and making someone suffer. It’s about a girl that I met 6 months ago and we talked nearly everyday. I was so happy when we had great moments… I loved her for so long, I cared so much about her…(Her name is Ioana) But she always was abandoning me, ignoring my messages for hours, and sometimes was angry on me for no reason and she was starting to be mean with me… Most of the times I was crying when she was doing that to me, I told her that this hurts me. She most of the times was talking with other persons and was ignoring me (maybe some cute boys that she would fuck with). I can still remeber almost all of her lies… She never wanted to say the truth… I can still remember on New Year’s Eve when she said that her wish for that new year is that “I might get her heart” and that she will not be in any relationship except with me :frowning: . A week ago or something she was frustrated on me 'cause I asked why she likes the other guy that she is talking to. I asked what the other guy has and I don’t have… The bitch got angry and blocked me… I made other 2-3 accounts, I asked why she does that to me, why she wants to make me suffer, she was frustrated again, she ignored then my messages for some days… Yesterday I talked to a friend of her, she is a stupid bitch too… I told her to tell Ioana to talk with me. After days of ignoring me she decided to say something, how awful… She said that she has a bf, blah, blah, blah, what a bitch. Her bf sent me messages and was treathening me :frowning: . She played with me and wanted me to suffer… She was flirting with me and she had bf… She even said me once that some day we’ll have sex. I asked her so many times if she loves me and she said that she does, but I knew it’s not true, but I pretended that she does… I was putting all of my hope in her and look what she does to me… I even did a geomantic reading in regards if she loves me, the answer was obviously that she doesn’t… She said that she likes and loves me :confused: . The whole week I am thinking about her and crying, last night I even cut myself…
Guys, I want this bitch to pay for what she did to me, for how he was playing with my sentiments, it was the first time when I put all my hope in a person, it was the first time when I really loved someone… Her name is Ioana Melenciuc, I can give photos with her for those who want to help me. I want you guys to give me effective easy ways of cursing and making someone suffer,(because I am a beginner) I am pissed off, I can’t stand anymore. I want advice on making a curse.

Sorry for my bad English, wish you all a good day! :slight_smile:

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Honestly, I’d just recommend moving on. To me it seems like you put so much effort into trying to start a relationship with her you ended up putting her on a pedestal instead of seeing her for what she truly was. I mean she may be a bitch, but I’ve found that it’s better to wait until you’re no longer emotionally charged before deciding anything. Plus, if (after you calm down) you still feel like she deserves to be cursed, a cold minded curse would be more effective; a cold detached, almost clinically cast spell is a good way to go about it because you disassociate yourself from the working enough that your lust for results will have a harder time affecting it.

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Hmmm… I have to think…

You need to snap out of it, and regain your dignity, pride, and self respect.

Never do this shit with a woman. You made 2-3 other accounts? Fuck that man.

When a woman is disrespecting you, you need to calmly tell her off. If she continues misbehaving, you cut contact with her.

Your most powerful weapon as a man is your attention.

Start reading this - https://www.reddit.com/r/TheRedPill/.

Of course, take the link with a grain of salt, but it has plenty of useful information.

As you are reading this, cut this woman out completely. Stop contacting her in any way. If you see her, don’t talk to her. If she tries to talk to you, quick responses and then get her away from you.

Start lifting and focusing on yourself. Get some other women to entertain you, just as fuck-buddies.

Never be a bitch with a woman. They have to deal with enough of that. Do not bend over for anyone, especially not for a woman.

An alpha will get away with everything, a beta will be shunned forevermore. So when you inevitably start feeling fear of behaving like an alpha, remember that.

you can summon dra’talon and tell him to destroy her. his sigil is here. you can summon him using these steps. once you’ve completed the ritual, read and understand this. Good luck

I’ve heard about this demon, is from one of ea koetting’s book. You think I could kill her with sigil magick?

you can yes. you could also just torture her without killing her…whichever you prefer

I am so exicted! I could get my revenge :slight_smile:

i need to know more e-mail me i may be able to help [email protected]

I sent you an email, I am so grateful! <3

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Hello Alex,

Please introduce yourself first before posting anything. People might not know you and it is important to show that you have good intentions.

It’s one of the rules, you should read them.

Since right now you’re currently unable to send private messages, I’ll send you one and I’ll want you to reply with photos of her, then I’ll see what I can do to fix this problem of yours.

I introduced myself and I know the rules, lol

Shit haven’t seen that, nevermind.

So, let me get this straight…

You have the hots for some chick, but because it is not reciprocated, or, rather, because she didn’t do what _ you_ wanted, she deserves to die?

This is the exact kind of mentality that leads stalkers to murder innocent people, for no other reason than because the stalker read into things that weren’t there, or had a particular idea of how things have to be.

From what you have written, it sounds like you are upset because she didn’t want to talk to you once you became all clingy and controlling of her time. This is evident in your line about her talking to a boy and your comment about her wanting to have sex with them. Women can talk to men without sex being on the table and, again, this is controlling behavior, and a big sign of insecurity on your part.

I agree with @Anziel_Merkaba You really need to let this go. From your description alone, it seems to be that you are in the wrong, not her. You said it yourself: You put all your hopes in her, but it is obvious from what you wrote that she saw you only as a friend. You wanted more, she did not, but you kept trying to force the issue. That does not warrant a death sentence for her. You sound like a whiny, insecure, and immature high schooler, who is throwing a tantrum because he didn’t get what he wants, not an Ascendant black magician in control of his world.


I just saw that buried deep in that wall o’text, you posted her full name.

Don’t do that on here, I’ve made this unlisted, it’s a major violation of the rules to name a specific target for a curse.

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It passed such a long time and I still think and consider she deserves to die.