I need motivation

First things first, Hey everyone!

It’s been a very long time since I have been on here. I got into a lot this past year— I have a boyfriend, got a new place, got a better pay; even in my highs I have also had my fair share lows and losses.
I lost a lot of family, I went broke for a long time, I almost OD. I was in a mindset that felt like a never ending game of cat and mouse, nothing felt right and I was scared to walk into any situation because my anxiety would engulfing me with unneeded fear.
I been doing meditating when I can, wish I could do more. I’m figuring out that I needed to talk to someone about how I feel and whatnot.
I haven’t done any magick in a long time… when I moved I had to put my alter stuff away.
My boyfriend don’t fancy the whole thing so I respect that. I have a book in my room full of crazy ass shit I’ve done in the past. I say I’ll get around to it but fail as a human and play breath of the wild.
I can’t be mad at anyone but my self, I been lazy and I need a spark of motivation. What do you do to keep your energy roaring and your mind so still. I’m open to anything!


I turned everything I do into a ritual. Sometimes I just want to do casual things only to find that they are meaningfull too.



Don’t let these things get you down, as long as you have a strong grounding in the things that matter to you, you will have something to come back to even if you feel frustration or a level of conflict that you are wading through.

I also recommend to you not to let your personal problems make you feel as though you are anything less than what you are. Oftentimes we all have a tendency to judge ourselves when we ourselves don’t feel like we are doing enough, but enough is only what you are capable of. If you think you’re not doing enough, understand that you are free to go along with things as you will.

But, @OnionKnight, I’d like to pm you about a reading or an evocation I’d like you to do. If you want, I can trade.


Care to go into detail?

Take your altar and other sacred items out of the closet and put them where you can see them. That’ll get things going in your mind.