I need more time!

I have been plagued my whole life with the issue of never having enough time to do, pretty much anything. Recently this issue has only worsened, and it’s becoming quite bothersome to say the least. In my job, school work, free time, etc. I just feel like time is absent when I need it most, It accelerates when I need it to slow down, and slows when I need it to speed up putting me in less than favorable positions.
Does anyone have any advice, something I can do, a being that can help me, etc? If so, please respond. If your advice is simply to say “Get faster”, “get organized”, or the like; don’t bother. What I mean by that is, please don’t make such vague/meaningless statements, not that ways of making me do those two things wouldn’t be appreciated, any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

I only have practical advice - two books, “Getting Things Done” by David Allen and also “The Now Habit” by Neil Fiore (which is NOT about “just do it - NOW!” which is dumb BS, it’s completely different) - they both revolutionised my ability to schedule and also deal with tasks where I procrastinated, even if I wanted to complete the task and whatever - I highly recommend both as total life-changers.

I’m not feeling too chatty right now but you should be able to find synopses of the methods and core ideas online. :slight_smile:

You seem to be totally attached to the anxiety of ‘Non-Completion’

This is where you are worried about getting everything done before a deadline and because of this fear, everything appears to work against you and stops you from completing the task. You could even be totally organised and well prepared but if you’re scared of not getting it all done then time will tend to run against you.

Have you ever had to get up at a certain time in the morning and woke long before this time and loved lying there that much, you wanted to stay in bed? In this situation that time to get up seems to approach even faster than the normal speed of time. This is the same effect of what you’re going through. In this case, you want that lovely bedtime to last forever as you really don’t want to get up at that inevitable time, and the more you go against this by enjoying that warm bed, the quicker that time fast approaches for you to get up!

You simply need to realise that you can achieve anything within a reasonable amount of time and just accept this and most importantly, forget it without getting obsessed with trying to complete everything because of commitments or your obligations/responsibilities to other people.
Detachment is the key.

The best spirits to approach for ‘time’ related issues are entities surrounding Saturn as they control the entire aspect of time and how we perceive it’s process of incrementation. Cassiel comes to mind here as a possible spirit who would not only allow you to manage time better, but lose your obsessive nature and anxieties to the completion of tasks against the obligated deadlines, thus allowing a better management of time in general by altering your perception of it.

“Just to update this as I forgot to mention principles of time perception, which tend to get overlooked because of their familiarity and regularity”…

Time is a natural force that will never change. So ten minutes the other day takes the same length of time as ten minutes from childhood or ten minutes next year. Whenever we go against this natural force however then we alter how we perceive it. If you have only 2o minutes left to complete something and you want to savour and relish this period for whatever reason than time will tend to speed up in your mind, hence how quick that bed-lie-in elapses when we try to forget about getting up in the next 20 minutes.

If you wish things to happen quicker however, than it could seem even longer or never happen at all because you are anxious for results, and therefore going against the natural flow of time again. Remember how long it takes to wait for the kettle when you are watching it continuously?

This is one reason why magicians need to detach after ritual…

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Make time for yourself. Even though time is just an illusion or mathematical calendar, I found it imperative to have enough “time” for myself…Also I feel material possessions or luxurys are nothing to me like they once where besides the most important communication in this earthly life like my phone. My intuition was correct when my gaming pc was fried by lightning. Telling me I need to focus on more important things. You’ll find “time” although you may have to sacrifice. If you’re unhappy with the situation at hand make a small adjustment and you may be surprised how relieved you’ll become.