I need major help

So: I made a post about this kind of earlier but I can’t delete it it won’t let me.

1: king paimon’s petition failed last night and that petition was essentially to control my mother’s thoughts to not kick me out because she doesn’t at all in the slightest understand that 1: I don’t have $500 to magically give you a month, and two she thinks I can get a second job in the snap of a finger… so essentially I asked if king paimon can buy me time and get her to forget or change her mind about the fact of kicking me out…at least until I get a second job…and instead my mom says this morning “I’ll give you until December 1st now…that’s it though.” And that isn’t long enough…at all.

2: They want me to move out as well but I can’t move out if they keep sucking up all of my paychecks and I tried explaining this to them but they don’t understand the fact that I need money of my own to move out…and if they keep draining me of my money I can’t do that…so it’s almost like they have me trapped in a drain of money here and there isn’t anything I can do about it because I refuse to be homeless.

Any ideas on what I can do here at this point cause I tried so long and hard explaining these issues to them but they don’t understand at all…and I can’t get a second job right away she doesn’t understand it takes time.

I can not be homeless I need help guys…

The fact i am stuck here is giving me depression 1000%, I say I’m stuck here because I am look at issue number 2, I refuse to be homeless but apparently I have no other choice…if I go homeless I feel my life is ruined almost…:disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:


Did you specify how much longer you needed when requesting from King Paimon? I can only see him helping you in this as in another post I think you said you had about a week or less than a week to find money? But you have posted saying your mother has now given you until 1 December ,so King Paimon has came through in my opinion. I would recommend using that extra month that has now been given to you to use it to find a job or find suitable place to go. Only you can make these changes and although you don’t think its enougj time, still show a bit of gratitude for your extension you received :slightly_smiling_face:good luck



With regards to point 1: I think your petition did work in so far as he bought you until December.

As to a second job, maybe that needs to be your next petition so you can get one quicker and easier then it otherwise would happen but you’ll need to be specific & specify that you need it before December and that it can’t interfere with education if you have classes your taking or with your other job’s schedule stuff like that when you petition for another job.

As to them taking all your $ so that you can’t move out petition that the second job you’re petitioning for will provide you with sufficient extra money that not only will you be able to save money but afford to move out by or before the date you are scheduled to get kicked out by.

You need to be more specific about your needs if your petitioning for them to be met because it’s easy to have a non specific request get met and then to overlook that it was met because it wasn’t what you expected.

Like with “buy me more time”. Maybe they were thinking of kicking you out with 3 weeks notice (like you’re supposed to typically give an employee/employer when you quit/or-lay-them-off) but you now have approximately 5 weeks instead of 3 or less.

Look closely at what you asked and what is happening before you decide you aren’t receiving what you asked for and if it turns out you are getting what you asked for think about what you need now and ask for it but with less vague more specific wording.

Like maybe now you need to petition ‘a second job that won’t interfere with my current jobs schedule or the availability I gave at that employment by _____ (& specify a date maybe 2 weeks from the date you make the new petition on so you have more then 1 pay check before the date your to move out don’t give an impossibly short time like doing the petition the night before you are to be gone from where you’re living ) then haul ass applying for jobs.

And if you need a specific extra amount of dough aka $ to move also ask that the job or other circumstances will enable you to save up x$ by December so You can afford first and last month rent and not end up homeless for a period of time when You get kicked out on ____.

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