I need just one last clarification

So, evocation, like anything else, the more you practice, the better you get at it?

So I should spend more time scrying, structing, trying to evoke?

What are ways I can evoke without having to use candles and incense? For me it could get quite costly and I live with my parents, and they will notice the candle scent and the incense smoke.

I’m not doing blood, so maybe water and black bowl.

How do I practice structuring?

Structuring is open eye visualisation. You practice it by visualising something, and then trying to “project” it so you see it in the air before you.

You don’t need candles or incense. Candles are mainly for illumination so you can see what you’re doing, and incense is used as a manifestation base, but you only need it if you are doing a full physical materialisation. You can do an astral evocation instead, where you evoke, but communicate through a scrying device.

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so the more I practice, the better I get. makes sense.

My goal with evocation is to have a full on physical manifestation. And have all the crazy effects like EA koetting says he has. He claims to have shaken hands with a spirit.

Now, my ultimate goal is to make a pact with lucifuge rofocale. I tried opening his sigil a couple of times, but it is rather hard for me personally because he has a lot of line for his sigil, and the few times I got the sigil to flash and made perceived contact, he called me a “kid” and my goals “childish” and told me to come back to him when I’m “serious” Idk the accuracy of this because my astral senses are weak.

This 1 time, while practicing om satan, I demanded he show his physical form. Now, while nothing negative happened, I did get the sensation from him “kid, you shouldn’t do that.”

I didn’t feel hellish fury, and since I have been trying to apologize for to him. To what success? Idk. My spirit communication is weak.

I need exercises to strengthen my spirit contact.

Meditate on demonic seals. Chant enns. Practice scrying. Do energy work to develop your subtle senses.

what exactly am I supposed to structure? How am I supposed to give the spirits a body if I don’t know what they look like?

when I structure, I try to imagine a grey cloaked figure. Is that enough?

Practice with visualising every day things. In EA Koetting’s evocation course, for example, he has the student start with structuring a lamp, then a face, then moving on to more complex things, like a the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

A basic humanoid form is enough. The spirit itself will fill in the details.

Sorry for the late reply. what do you mean by chanting enns. Do I gaze at the sigil and chant the name of sastan or whoever

No. An enn is a mantra in the demonic tongue that comes from the religious practice of demonolatry. Not every demon has one though. This forum has a whole list of them if you want to search. Just type in “list of enns.”

However, they are completely unnecessary for evocation, and you can indeed simply chant the name of the spirit instead.

I should add the importance of banishing before and after if you’re trying to do an evocation. That way you low the possibilities to get some unwanted beings