I need ideas for a spell

I want to do a spell that will keep children away from my ritual space. It’s usually not a problem since everyone in my family is above 13 years of age and we don’t intrude the rooms that aren’t ours but my cousins under the age of 13 are coming on Christmas Night on short notice and they are raised conservative Christian in a sports-type family. It will only be for a few days but I’m not pressing my chances with these boys I haven’t seen in years; I don’t know how well they behave or if they respect someone’s space. I have my stuff hidden but I’m still a little anxious to have them over. What wards, sigils or spirit would you recommend for keeping my cousins away from my stuff? Keep in mind that I don’t want to hurt them, just make them second-guess parading into my space and touching my stuff.

Create a servitor to scare em away from that.

Or, in the spell you could envision a wall of fire. Children don’t like fire. At least most of them. If they’re me, they’re natural born arsonists (jokingly of course, I just like fire)


Better yet, created a thorned ward.

Ummmm kids will be kids man. When family comes over i put everything away that looks like occult. Keep anything that looks spiritual, and i banish and do a full cleansing of the house. Is it a separate room or just an area in open access?

It’s a separate room but I’m not allowed to lock doors and I have to keep it open sometimes.

Wait why cant you lock the doors. If you prefer not to answer no problem

Basically it’s for safety reasons (in case of fire). I agree it’s stupid but I’d rather be compliant and have a better time with everyone than be suspected of hiding drugs or something of the like. My occult/ritual stuff is going on the closet which has no lock but it’s hidden under other stuff and in a box.

Ok so you figured it out. I would just clear the area to make it none sacred, non paranormal, and keep an eye on the kids.

What you can do once its cleared is summon protective shield that creates an "uneasy feeling of your choice when anyone goes near the door.

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If you have a particular incense that might make them hesitate. It drives my family away and children have sensitive little noses so it could possibly help.

Havent tried this variant out but you could use the energies of the moon and saturn to make a field that will repel and frighten(incite terror) anyone who wanders into it. Ive done this with jupiter for protection wards.

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