I need honest advice regarding teachers

Hello everyone,
I am in desperate need of special advice here for I don’t have anyone in my life I can openly turn to for this delicate matter. Ill try my best to keep ot short and some honest wisdom would truly be appreciated.
So, basically I have this magick teacher who I know is the real deal and quite powerful. He is a wonderful person in many ways and I thank him for many lessons Ive learned (not dealing with magick though). However, I can’t help but feel suspicious of him. The reason being is because he is very lustful after me and always makes grand promises regarding magick lessons, but it’s been over a year and he hasn’t delivered. I know he is in love with me so I am very gentle. However sometimes I feel like I’m being used for sex, and maybe he doesn’t think that much of me or he has his own agenda of some kind. There’s times when I refused sex that he jas been forceful with me but some how I think he has this weird way of getting into my head. I remember many months ago I thought I was in love with him but now Im starting to feel resentful and very confused. He has a really good way with words and has done one very nice thing for me which was getting rid of stalker I had. He keeps pushing me to move in and live with him, he has spoke of marriage and promised to teach me everything of demonology. The problem with this was that I never wanted a relationship let alone sex, but I keep being pressured. I was supposed to strictly be his student, yet the other students who are male seem to be receiving lessons and performing rituals with him without me. As you can understand, this hurts me alot. He tells me how talented I am and blah blah blah but I am feeling alot of negative feelings about this. The problem is that if I gently try to approach this to him, the blame gets put on me and he tries to act like I am not taking this seriously.
Honestly, I could write pages and pages about this situation since its alot more complicated than it sounds. I never initiated sexual contact or act/dressed in that manner. Sometimes I feel like he used his “magick lessons” as an ‘in’ to have his way with me.
As a magician, I don’t entirely rely on him for help anymore and have been diligent in my studies and practices. I have heard stories of younger people being taken advantage of sexually in certain communities and I really don’t want this to be the case for me.
Thank you for your time reading this. I am in a tough place in life at the moment and also I might have to defend myself magickly against this teacher in the future I feel.

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It is a rule of this forum for all new members to introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any magical experience you have.

Has he put any spells on you? Because he sounds the type that would, I was in a similar situation with a kind of ex who is/was really gifted and sent a bunch of hexes my way when he think I crossed him. He was the reason why I went back into magik.

Honestly, I think so somedays but if I approached him it would not go well at all. Im trying to contact spirits to maybe find out, but he’s always on my case. I’m prepared to fight for my life every day

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Make sure your shield is set up and do some uncrossing. I know I had some spirits help me out when it got really bad and built closer relationships with them.

Yes, good advice. Im putting up protection every day and trying to distance myself from him. Its as though he fucking knows everything im doing. Even after I put up this post hes calling me and is pretty pissed off for whatever reason at the moment wondering what im doing. Any spirit recommendations? Im planning to do something about it tonight

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I recommend Lilith personally, I know she has helped me out and has sent me waves of love.

Thank you so much for this. I feel alot less alone and that means the world to me. I’ve never worked with Lilith before so this new to me

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I would also add that it may be a good idea to get Sabnock in your corner as well. He is not the most well known goetic spirit but he is good at protection against magick and attacking those doing workings against you, leaving them powerless to keep on the attacks.

Yes you guys are totally right about this situation. I used to truly believe in this individual but time has proven otherwise. Like I said he was very convincing, I know magick was involved, and has threatened me three times but when he threatened to curse my friends who aren’t like them, that’s when the fire really came alive in me. In my situation I wont just have to battle him magically, but he has threatened to bring other extremely adept individuals involved.
I am no longer afraid of these threats but for some reason I welcome the fight and I know that I will win. Mostly the social consequences of rebelling against him was what bothered me(since we know similar people and he’s that kind of gossip) but like you said, alot of this is my of lack of confidence.
However, all is not lost from this experience. I have forced myself to become stronger on my own and understand that part of it is my fault because of lack of confidence and being an immature 20 year old. In magick I do not need to rely on anybody. This is going to be but one of many mile stones in my journey as a magician of which even though I may get into trouble at times, I will rise up stronger through the ashes.
Thank you all.


I would stay the hell away from that guy. Seems like there’s a lot more negative aspects than positive. He sounds like a POS.