I need help

I need a ritual done for free im kinda down on my luck right now and i need a ritual done for me i made contracts with Lucifer and they dont seem to work only the love spell work i need this done for free please serious enquires only to help me eith my contract blood pact and peitition

Why would you expect anyone to devote their time, energy, and expertise for free?


Id do the same for others everything i do is free i thought they were people like me who do good deed for others from time to time

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Why not just use your own energy and create a ritual and perform it yourself?? If you’ve supposedly made a contract with Lucifer then you have some experience contacting demons…why not find one that will suit your purpose and work with them?


Thanks for the information I needed it

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We get asked to do free magick A LOT. People seem to think we all have the time or the inclination.

No one would consider asking a plumber, a doctor, or a mechanic to work for free, but for some odd reason, people assume that artists, writers, and magicians should be happy to. We have spent years learning our skills, and obtaining our knowledge. Why should we expend our energy on the behalf of people we don’t know? We already contribute to helping people through sharing our experience on this forum.

We do help each other out from time to time, but it’s rarely done because someone asks. It is most often offered.

Maybe someone might be willing, but don’t complain if no one chooses to.


I wont ever complain about it and i am sorry that this happens to you all and sorry if i offended any of you this my 1st time asking for this kind of help and for free i apologize for the inconvenience

The other day I was up shit creak n i created a sigil programmed it for 300 bucks on a certain slot machine and won 340. Same day. There are 100s of solutions. You just gotta be creative. Dont just limit yourself to ONE type of spell/ritual. You gotta work for it. Dont just sit around waiting for it to happen, make it happen. This stuff is hard work! People think magic is a quick fix, its taxing af.


Thank you i will

Best of luck

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