I need help

Ok backstory time, About a month and a half ago I was speaking with Belial for the first time in a while, and at the end of the conversation he says this “Its time” and of course, being the curious person I am, is ask what for, he says that in need to “become a pyre” I ask “whats a pyre” he says “vampyre” so I say what do I need to do and he says “get the manuscript and the symbol, you will know what to do from there” and I ask where do I get those he says “figure it out”

so here it is a month and a half later and I can’t find anything, I have talked with countless entities and even they say that they don’t know.

Can anyone help me?

From what others have written here, some entities give you tasks that are impossible to fulfill in order to test you, and I think that Belial is one of those entities that like to do that. Maybe you should ask him again what he means.

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I posted a link on the PM to you. It works on my end

… I found these on search engine. All free. Public domain Lots of Sacred Vampire Sigils

awesome! do you happen to know how to find the manuscript, no search has proved helpful

Just a random thought, maybe he wants you to search the astral realm for the manuscript and the sigil.